I cant have a Xmas without drama...lol

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    Tony and I decided that we would make a short trip up to Jamie's so we could take the truckload of toys I got for them. As his present to me he agreed to stop a little more than half way to Jamie's and get a motel room for us. I really needed it too because the little truck is so small and very uncomfortable. That also meant we only had to spend about 24 hours actually at Jamie's...lol. Perfect amount of time in my opinion.

    We ended up getting home just in time to hit the grocery store and get a ham for Xmas dinner here. Cory had spent most of the time we were gone here at my house with the baby (Billy had to stay home to work) so they were already here.

    We had plans to get Monkey between 5 and 6 today. She got here about 6:15 and that just blew Mandy's plans all to heck and back. She had been somewhere else all day and showed up here at 5 expecting to let the girls open the presents here and then take Mouse to her people's houses. Well when Monkey was late getting here she went into witch mode and got mad and said that no one could open anything because she had done some of the wrapping and ...well it didnt make much sense what she was saying to be honest. The reason we got Monkey tonight is because Tony has to go to work tomorrow and he wont be back until next Monday I think. So if the kids didnt open presents tonight, he wouldnt even get to see them! I mean its actually more important that he see it because everything was from us except a few things she got from Toys for Tots. She also got ticked off because I bought Monkey an electric scooter and I didnt get something like that for the mouse. Well mouse just got an electric car for her birthday in Sept.

    I did tell Monkey she had to wait a few minutes when she got here to open anything until Papa got home and she did whine a little bit but I figure she has probably been up since dawn and she is tired. Plus its hard to tell a little kid that they cant open up presents when they see them! Mouse had been playing with some of the stuff I bought since she came over on Sunday. They didnt get wrapped and I really didnt care, she isnt old enough to understand Santa and all that.

    Well when Monkey whined a little bit about not wanting to wait, I gave both her and Mouse their stockings and told them they could open them. Mandy jumped in and grabbed Mouse when the girls got into a little bit of a spat because the stuff in the stockings were basically the same but Mouse tried to grab one thing out of Monkey's pile and well, kids will be kids there. MINE...lol. I didnt think a thing of it. Mandy grabbed Mouse and told her "you better stop it! Im not gonna let you grow up being a whiny brat like all the other kids around here!" Well lets just say Cory jumped in on that. He yelled at her that she better shut her mouth if she wants to call his daughter a brat!

    Mandy never said a word to me the entire time she was here. When Tony showed up he started to get the girls going on opening presents and Mandy was huffing away. She let Mouse open a few then grabbed her and said they had to go. I explained what happened to Tony and he was like "what? did she think I shouldnt get to watch them open stuff WE bought?"

    Other than that things went okay. I just have to pray I dont trip over this scooter which is parked right outside my door charging though...lol. I have to admit I bought it praying Monkey could manage to ride it because it goes 15mph and she is supposed to be 13...lol
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    yes you should absolutely be allowed to see them open the gifts you bought them. I need to be careful what I wish for because I want some grand babies to play with (looking at my kids shaking my head) hmmm guess I'm looking to meet a widower with a baby (by a sane mother)

    Ya drama you called that right
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    Well, I have to admit I seem to have more drama issues than most people. Monkey and her family seem to have become my least dramatic situation. I am gonna have a good ole time with Monkey this week. I gave her one of those baby dolls that look real and he is a boy! She is so excited. We are going to go look for stuff to go with it this week...like a car seat if I can find one at a thrift store. This baby takes preemie clothes so it should be easy to find them. Oh and his name is Scotty...lol.
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    Sounds like fun...ignore that Mandy, she's worse than a child. Don't you just love when the kids are so excited? And you finally got your Scott lol. My little fella got a huge jungle gym of sorts, difficult child set it up, it takes up the entire room. He's one, he has no idea what is going on. difficult child's friend bought the thing, plus all the other gifts, it's funny. I'm glad you got the chance to see all your grandchildren in person and watch them open the gifts and see them excited.
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    So am I. Whats funny is that the Mouse got more actual presents than Monkey but Monkey got things she liked. Well some of them. She really doesnt much understand that things like the vintage tea set is the same as the one she will one day inherit from me and she can show her little girl something that was handed down from her great grandmother. There are also a few things I cant find that I think Mandy may have taken home like a vintage silverware set from the 40's and 3 books I bought at Walmart.
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    How was the visit at Jamie's?? DDD
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    It actually wasnt bad. The kids were much better than ever before. That might be because both are now in either preschool or school. Jamie irritated me somewhat because he wants to sit and play video games constantly which means I sit and do nothing. I dont like video games.

    The kids seemed to like the toys I gave them even though they had nothing to do with screens...lol. I do believe what made this visit so much more bearable was that we only stayed at their house from about 11 am on Monday to 11 am on Tuesday. Tony and I left our house to head up there on Sunday but we agreed to get a motel about 4 hours in. That left us about an hour and a half to get to Jamie's in the morning. Perfect in my opinion.