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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by paperplate, Feb 16, 2013.

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    Because I don't know who you are. But I have an idea who you may be...So here goes: Dear library ladies, Last week I came into the library, the same library I've gone to since I was a child. I was having trouble working the fax machine and was tearing up as I wearily hit the buttons, trying to send a request for SNAP to human services. One of you came over to help me. I told you how embarrassed I was to need to apply. The following night, another one of you called my house to say: you understood....everyone has a moment when they just want to breakdown. We talked about my son's Epilepsy, the Autism and my wayward husband. I appreciated that call, honestly, from the bottom of my heart. Then today, I go out to my mailbox to get my mail. I found an envelope, with the return address from the library. I opened it to find a beautiful card, 200$ and a gas gift card. I wish I had words to tell you how much that meant to me. You ladies at the library have been a huge part of my children's lives over the year. Every time we had a bad day, you helped us find wonderful books to erase that day away. We've chatted for hours about school, special diets etc...You've reserved books for me, without me even asking, you just knew what I needed. The library has been my sanctuary and the ladies in it, true friends. I don't know which one of you sent it, you only signed: your friends. Maybe you all did and somewhere in this never ending tunnel, you shown a light and told me I wasn't walking through this alone. I wish I had the courage to come in and thank you in person, but I'm still struggling with quite a bit. So I write this post for you, even though I know you probably aren't going to read it, but God will and he'll send a blessing your way. And as soon as I get to a better place in my head, I'll stop in and tell you in person. Thank you for being my home away from home.
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    Wow, that was great of them. I'm very glad there are people like that in the world.
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    OMG - how sweet. U need & deserve it!
  4. TeDo

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    That is absolutely amazing...when you let people in, you're never alone. I'm glad you have that kind of support!
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    What a beautiful gift they gave you, and you to them. You must have touched them also thru the years for them to want to offer up this gift to you. I'm glad you received that ray of sunshine!
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    You are so worthy of that gift. You give of yourself daily. Never doubt that you are special and that needing help sometimes along the way is not weakness. I'll share what family and friends have taught me over the last year......

    Last year...winter thru summer were hard times here. I used food shelves when just months earlier I had donated. People on this board supported me with encouragement, gifts for Q and one family helped me move to a new home using their trucking business many states away. I was so humbled and had to do alot of self talk to not feel less-than. What helps me is a promise to pay it forward in as many ways as I can. I wish desperately I could pay those people back, though they never asked. Hopefully some day. But I will give them my prayers and support them and do all I can to make good use of their gifts to help parent Q and to give what I can in life. Sometimes I only have encouragement and prayers to offer.

    These friends have taught me so much. They'll never know how their support has changed my life, profoundly. Mostly, they made it so I didn't feel embarrassed. I felt loved and I want that for you.... You've been through more than I can imagine. You deserve much from life!

    Know you are loved and that your gifts to the universe, raising your children and staying safe, are truly what is important. Some day even if years down the road you'll likely bless others in a similar way. You already share and support us here. You are a giver. It's ok to receive sometimes.

    PS your letter is so beautiful. If you're ever comfortable, put it in a card to them.....it's inspiring.

    Keep strong, talk gently to yourself, as if you were talking to a friend. Hugs, Dee
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    That is so special and you deserved it so much!!!!!
  8. HaoZi

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    Beautiful. :) I'm so glad you're finding you have friends out there.
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    I didn't know I even had any friends! Strange. I guess people notice more than I think they do. I thought I was losing it a few weeks ago. The library opens at 1pm today. I feel I should go and say something, but I have no idea what to say.
  10. buddy

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    Just put it in words and drop off a card, they'll understand.

    You've been in survival mode for so long, forced into some level of isolation not even being able to tell yourself how bad things were.

    There are going to be many great discoveries heading your way I'm betting!
  11. PatriotsGirl

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    I agree! Put in a card and sent there would be beautiful... :)
  12. PatriotsGirl

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    Could you bake something to bring there?
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    How cool... It is always nice to hear something good that happens to someone who really deserves it! :bigsmile:

    Just put what you posted in an envelope and drop it off... They will know... They will be glad they helped!
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    Wow! I was tearing reading your post. How beautiful that they did that for you.
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    Wow! That is fantastic! You deserve every good thing. And it is wonderful when people pay attention. Just wonderful. I am so glad you posted this. I did my heart good.
  16. TeDo

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    I agree with the others. Cut and paste your post and put it in a card. You're every word is absolutely perfect. Then all you have to say as you hand them the card is "Thank You". Nuff said.
  17. recoveringenabler

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    You deserve that kindness and truckloads more................and more and more and one day you will realize just how valuable and loved and wonderful you really are.........
  18. DammitJanet

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    How wonderful. There are amazing people in this world. We have a wonderful group on this board alone.