I channeled my inner bi....erm.....mean lady today

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by mstang67chic, Jul 31, 2010.

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    And I'm still giggling about it.

    I went to my moms and since she needed to go to town but didn't want to, I offered to drive. (She lives in the country) I'm driving down the road not really paying attention to my surroundings because Mom and I are chatting. I saw a couple of little girls in a yard by the road but didn't think too much of it. (I'd say they were maybe 8 and 11 or so) But once we got up to them, they both threw stuff at my car! Whatever it was either didn't hit the car or didn't make a sound if it did but I was still a bit miffed. I slammed on the brakes while looking in the rear view mirrow (tires squealed and all) and saw the little girls hauling butt around the corner of the house. I then BACKED MY CAR UP DOWN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD (again...middle of no where....no other cars around), turned down their road and into their driveway. That's when I had a slight pause because they were having a cookout and I came face to face with about 40 people. :slap:

    But...I simply opened my door, stepped out and said "I don't know what those little girls have but they are out at the road throwing stuff at cars" and then got back in the car, backed out and left. By the time I hit the driveway though, the girls were hiding out in the garage. I think I might have made them pee a little when I slammed on my brakes and backed up.

    A tiny part of me kind of felt bad for obviously scaring the snot out of these girls but at the same time....had I done something like that when I was a kid? I wouldn't have sat down for a day or two. (And it turned out, they were throwing fruit chunks)

    So is it bad that I'm still giggling at the thought of them tearing around the side of their house???
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    The little snots! Hopefully you threw enough of a scare in them that they will think twice if they are ever tempted to do that again!
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    Two possible outcomes:

    1) The little girls get their bottoms tanned for throwing stuff at cars.

    2) The parents are outraged that someone would invade their privacy and make wild accusations about something trivial the girls were doing for harmless fun.

    I remember when one of my sisters was staying with us, after she'd had another baby. Her older son was a difficult child toddler who needed close watching. My sister just let him do what he anted, pretty much. One day nephew was playing with the telephone, picking up the receiver and dialing random digits. Only dialed a couple of digits, it was the days of dial phones and not pushbutton. But I intercepted the telephone exchange calling back to say, "Stop that kid playing with the phone!"
    I went to tell my sister and my mother and was accused of making up lies. My sister left her son to keep playing with the phone, but I was not allowed to leave him alone. I as expected to stay and mind him, but let him keep playing with the phone. That's when I had to get really inventive and find something that attracted nephew more, than the really wonderful toy the phone was.

    I was really angry with both my sister and my mother, for being so complacent and also not believing me. But sometimes that happens when certain adults get together - they each tend to leave the vigilance to someone else and collectively absolve themselves form responsibility.

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    Awesome!!!!! When we lived in a townhouse one neighbor had twin girls who could do NO WRONG as long as whatever they did was done to someone white. They threw stuff at one of the cops and tried to say that Jessie and thank you did it. thank you couldn't walk or even crawl at the time and Jessie was 3 yrs younger than these girls and paler than Casper the ghost. The cop cited the MOM for neglect as well as making a report and case against the kids. Everyone else in the complex celebrated that night cause these girls did this ALL day in the summer.

    You are an awesome neighbor - those girls could have gotten hurt or caused a serious accident!!
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    I think it's great you did that!

    We have a stop sign on our corner that everyone blows. Well this neighbor kid not only blew the stop but I could hear him and see that he also sped up! Well one day I had enough and so I drive down to his house and asked his mom to please have a talk with him about speeding and stop signs. It worked for a short time but he still blew the stop sign-his mom was mortified!

    Another time, difficult child had a party-her first boy girl party I think, at night. The kids all had fun and there was no trouble. The following Monday a coworker asked if there was a kid party at our house and I told him yes, why do you ask. Well, turns out a few of the kids were out by the stop sign mooning people!!!!! Omg, it was my turn to be mortified! Lol
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    I probably would have done the same thing. Good for you!!!
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    I've done that too. Two sisters around the corner saw me driving down the road and purposely rushed toward the road and then took off in the other direction when I slammed on the brakes. I caught up with them (this fat woman can run, lo!) and gave them a piece of my mind. Then, I went home and called their grandmother (mom is a notorious difficult child herself).

    Either set of these girls could have caused an accident. Someone could have been hurt or killed. I think you did exactly the right thing.
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    I was scared to open this when you said you channeled your inner 'bi' I was thinking 'bisexual'. Yikes! Glad is was the other 'bi' word!! LOL!
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    :rofl: Ooops....sorry!