I completely lost it today!


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Well I was in the process of writing here asking for advice on something else when I got another dreaded call from school.

And that was the end of my sanity.... I lost it. I completely lost my mind. I went to the school and unleashed 7 & 1/2 years of my frustration. I flipped my lid and ended up dropping several f-bombs. The entire school office was in an uproar. One thing about me is I ALWAYS keep my cool. Until now. Omg. I don't even know what to say.

So now my son is mortified. And I am ashamed.

I ended up having a meeting at the district office. I was heard, but I am doubtful anything will change. (sigh)


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While it usually isn't productive sometimes it just has to happen. I would go back tomorrow and offer an apology to the staff for losing your temper. I wouldn't apologize for being upset thou


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Everyone eventually reaches the end of their rope, and you reached yours yesterday. I can understand you being ashamed about the way you acted, but your reasons for doing so are real. Take a deep breath. Apologize for losing your cool, but reiterate that you're a frustrated parent and the school has been offering no help. If they helped, you wouldn't have lost it.

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Ditto what the others have said. Apologize for losing control but not for being upset. Since you usually don't lose your control I bet they will understand. Be gentle with yourself and realize you are human. We all make mistakes and it doesn't change who you are. And...maybe difficult child will watch himself more carefully now;) I really hoped you were heard and that it leads to changes. Sending gentle hugs your way.


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Thanks all! I wrote an apology letter - apologizing for losing my cool and using profanity but that I stand firm in my conviction that there are unresolved issues and changes that need to made to support my son and honor his IEP/BIP's. We'll see what happens. The whole thing feels unreal - kind of like a dream - kind of like I can't remember exactly what happened. It's weird, I have never experienced anything like that. I was throwing f-bombs left and right. (sigh) :(