I despise nap time.

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    E's preschool has naptime and he rarely actually goes to sleep during nap. But yesterday he slept the entire time. We let him stay up until 10 because we knew he had slept. He was WIDE awake and we tried reading to him and I even let him help me clean the playroom and his brother's room to burn off energy. He finally went to sleep around 2 a.m. So today both of us are so tired. :mornincoffee: do your adhd kids or aspies have a hard time sleeping? E has always had a hard time sleeping esp. if he gets a nap and sometimes without a nap. I took a picture of one of our late night activities
    This was at like 12:30 am and look how wide awake my crazy kid is!

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    Is there any way that you can talk to the preschool and ask them not to make him nap during nap time? Maybe he can rests for a while or do something quietly while the other kids are napping? Explain to them that if he sleeps at school during the day he does not get a good night's sleep at home. They might be willing to work with you. I know at by aged 3 both of my kids had pretty much given up napping, and on the odd day that they actually did take a nap they were up very late that night.
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    We adopted our Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) son at two and we didn't sleep for three years because he was never tired. And he would get into scary stuff if he wasn't being watched. We had to put a latch high on all of our doors leading to the outside or he'd just run outside in the middle of the night. He would take out those safety caps in electrical circuits too which was a headache. He threw a penny down a circuit once and fired t he fish that were in the fish tank plugged into the other plug. He did it too fast for us to get to him! Fortunately, they didn't make him nap at his special schools or it would have been worse.
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    Our pediatrician is a specialist in children with conditions that affect behavior.

    He said one of the most frequent symptoms/complaints he sees in kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is sleep disturbance.
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    It does not solve all problems, but weighted blankets have been a HUGE blessing for both V and Sweet Pea. Without it, they would not be sleeping at night. I would invest in them again in a heart beat. You can buy them on the internet. They go in the washing machine and dryer.
    Soothing music also help my 2 youngest calm down. The beat of the music needs to be around 50 to 65/minutes, which is about the heart rate.
    It always amazes me how simple "tricks" can do wonders.
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    Mine will sometimes not be able to get to sleep, or conversely will get up in the middle of the night or extremely early and just stay up. Then she'll be falling asleep in class or will take a nap later than day and it's sooo hard to get her back on schedule. She had a hard time sleeping last night and she's napping now, so getting her to sleep tonight and up for school tomorrow will be very trying.
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    E does this. He will wake up at like 3am WIDE awake and stay up all day. It's so odd!!! and frustrating. He was up at 5am this morning...
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    we have a weighted blanket. It helps some ;)