I don't know anything about my kids

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    One of my kids came home from college, and he told me what the other 2 are up to. He means difficult child and my 17 year old (and youngest) easy child. Most nights easy child goes over difficult child's house, they hang out and play this card game called "Magic." It seems harmless and I think it's great that the 2 are friends, they are brothers and difficult child didn't get along with his brothers growing up in our house so I try to encourage the relationship. Plus this youngest easy child kid suffers from depression, he's on medications, and I'm happy he has difficult child to talk to. difficult child is really a cool person,and I know he's helpful to easy child.

    I found this out recently. Long story short- easy child and this "teacher" are going to his jr. prom. I don't even know if that's legal. She is a kindergarden teacher from another town. HE IS 17!!! I know they all play this card game on Friday nights at a store, they are not alone so I think it's harmless. Well, last night my older college easy child went with my youger easy child to difficult child's house, the "teacher" was there, drunk out of her mind on Loco....AND a pharmacist was there who is difficult child's friend..(.this was all out of older easy child's mouth, ok?.....a secret for my ears only) selling drugs from his pharmacy, mostly VIAGRA (wth?) Younger easy child didn't do any...but older easy child told me I was a bad mom for letting younger easy child over there. How was I to know?....I had no idea they were meeting at difficult child's house. And...what are young kids doing taking VIAGRA???? I let husband handle it...(please don't laugh) this is what he said...

    husband: Why don't you take someone from your grade to your prom?
    husband: Ask a girl with big boobs.
    easy child: They all have boyfriends.
    husband: So?
    then they both laughed

    I had known this teacher was bad news, she mentioned something about my make-up which she never would have known about unless she went through my things. It's all in a cabinet. I'm angry at difficult child, but husband thinks the entire thing is hysterical. I don't have girls, he's their dad. If this continues it's probably a matter of time before easy child is geting drunk there, or taking pills from the pharmacist. Do you think? The teacher has no business near my son, right? Well at the moment both my easy child's are at difficult child's house, older easy child said he would "babysit" for me. (a secret, even from husband) I'm just really mad and needed to vent. Thanks for listening. My bff's daughter recently killed herself, she suffered from depression, I don't want anything to happen to my son.
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    Have you considered contacting the school district she works for? And the police. And the pharmacy.
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    Well....I am probably gonna be the in the minority here. Usually am in these situations. I dont think there is much you can do about this. He is a 17 year old boy and thinks he has landed a big one. Sure she is probably a few fries short of a happy meal to be hanging out with young boys but well...there are a few in every bunch. Its probably not going to scar him for life. The pharmacist would worry me but it seems that for some reason young guys want to try viagra thinking that taking it is going to make them have increased staying power. Foolish thinking. I dont think it will hurt them, just waste their money. If they do end up with the 4 hour plus erection, that will certainly teach him a valuable natural consequence. That is very painful and takes a trip to the ER...lol. You can snicker. Feel free.

    I will tell you that when Tony was young...14, 15, 16, there was this late 30's woman who slept her way through every teen boy that grew up around her. All his brothers, all his friends, everyone who lived within 5 to 10 miles of him. She was married and had 2 kids of her own. She just had a thing about boys from 13 to 16. Once they got to that age, they were history to her. I dont think it scarred any of the boys. I know Tony still thinks of her fondly even though I tell him she sexually abused him...he simply laughs at me and refuses to believe me. I think with boys and older women its a different mind set.

    Im also willing to bet this teacher may be close to your older sons age...maybe even a year or so younger. I know that I was shocked to death when I found out that some of the teachers Cory's girlfriend had in HS were people Cory and Jamie went to school with! Talk about feeling weird.
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    Janet, I feel better just having gotten that off my chest. I spoke to him last night about his medication, and how he can't mix it with anything- especially alcohol. From what he says I feel as though he won't, I just wish he would pick better friends than difficult child and his friends. lol!
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    My thoughts are ... the pharmacist needs to lose his license, pronto. The teacher needs to be fired and lose her teacher's certificate, pronto. I believe calls to the school district and police would definitely be in order. Female teachers who target middle and high school boys for sex are not uncommon. We had one in my high school and there was a major one, who ended up in court, in husband's high school. The press typically gives them a pass. But female sexual predation is not ok any more than the corresponding male type. When you read case histories
    on the females who get caught, they have a definite predatory pattern; it's not just one 17 year old who catches their eye. I have no tolerance for it; I think it's harmful to boys to be stalked and seduced by anyone in authority. And the pharmacist .... ! What else is he stealing and selling? You can be sure it's not just Viagra. Grrr. Sorry, rant over.
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    in my humble opinion, how I would handle the situation would be as follows:

    Call the Pharmacy and report him immediately ( you can do this anonymously)

    If the girl is a certified K teacher she atleast has to be 22-23 years old. I would give her an anonymous "warning"

    She is out of line and quite immature but the Pharmacist needs to lose his license.

    I know we cannot protect our kids from everything but this sounds was too fishy for me.

    Good Luck !
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    Is this woman actually a credentialed teacher or working in a day care/pre-school setting? If she's not credentialed, there may be a difference in disciplinary actions through her district. In CA, you can check online if someone holds a valid credential. I have trouble imagining that a credentialed teacher would risk her career to attend a high school prom, even if it's in another district.

    The pharmacist needs to be reported ASAP. Katya is right...what else is he selling besides Viagra?