I don't know how I did it but I made it through this week in one piece.

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Californiablonde, Sep 20, 2013.

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    With difficult child's school refusal, easy child starting a brand new school and having anxiety, and my work stress, it's a wonder I made it out alive. With my sanity still intact. Sorta. It has been one helluva week and I am so glad it's over. I am going to enjoy a nice weekend mostly to myself, which is rare. Normally the kids go to their dad's on Friday nights, but his wife doesn't want them there so they will be with me. He has agreed to meet me halfway tomorrow at 11:00 and he will take the kids for the remainder of the weekend. I am going to enjoy a stress free Saturday night all by myself.

    I will not be seeing my boyfriend. Someone at our apartment complex complained that he was parked in the visitor's parking too much and he just received a notice on his windshield saying his car is going to be towed if he parks there again. A call to the office got me a very mean and nasty apartment manager telling me it is written in my lease that cars are only allowed to park three days a week. I don't recall that being in my lease but whatever. She says they need to limit visitors because there are 564 units and only 50 spaces. So he won't be coming over for awhile. I am sorta looking forward to being by myself for a night. I haven't had a night alone in months. He is going to pick me up Sunday afternoon so we can go to our regular hang out for brunch when the kids are at their dads. I am looking forward to seeing him Sunday but some alone time is much needed right now. I'm just crossing my fingers the kids' dad doesn't cancel for tomorrow.
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    Congratulations on surviving this rough week, I use to do frozen pizza for dinner on Friday night every week. By the time I got the kids out of daycare and home tearing off some plastic & shoving it in the oven was about all I had the strength left for; though I did get woke up by the smoke alarm a couple times & ended up with peanut butter sandwiches instead. Enjoy your weekend and remember to take some time to relax (don't spend all your time fixing stuff and running errands).

    Not sure what to suggest about the person in your building with nothing else to complain about; when I had same type situation with guy I was dating I use to park on the street and hoof it a block to visit. Times when weather made that a real pain but it beat going out at 3am to find my car completely blocked in from double parking.

    I know God doesn't give me more then I can handle just at times wish he would quit proving to me I am stronger then I ever imagined.