I don't know what to do anymore. I feel lonely and I need help.

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    Hi I never post anything about my life before and by accident last night I came across this page and starting to read all the story that sound sad just like mine. My son is 16 years old and I don't know what's going on with him I think that we always did the best we could and we where always there for him to make the kind story short everything start on diciembre 31 when after he fail a drug test that we did at home we start searching he's room to see if he may had something in there what I found I never imagine he had a purse and surf board some jewelry box on that point I ask and he lie like he always does my husband told me we need to call the police and I knew this was the right move I was not going to cover him up if he was stealing police come by the house and after few hours of him telling them different stories he finally admitted that he when inside a house with his friends but he also said he was going to hurt him self so he was taking to a mental facility we pick him up the next morning he had 3 chargers after that he got in trouble with he's ex at school he got 2 more chargers and 1 more at school too a total of 6 chargers we hired two lawyers when to court and he plead guilty only on two chargers that was what the lawyer did for us so he was placed on probation and have to pay restitution back and he's working and he's paying this him self. But after all this we wanted to believe he will change and stop doing the wrong thing but we where so wrong, I had him going to therapies once a week and even do he just sit there and lie and he said everyone it's responsible but him mostly he just talk about me how bad of a person I'm he lies all the time when out and drink few times he will skeap classes come home pass the probation time we had call the police but if the probation don't want to do anything it's not much we can do. We had talk to him we had done everything we can think of and nothing works i just need help someone that has suffer all this and maybe that can tell me what I can do what I can try. Thank you
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    I'm sorry you are going through this! I am sure you are stressed beyond belief. Have you thought of putting a pins petition on him? the thought of that scared my son enough for him to behave for awhile. Basically its saying you give the courts permission to deal with him if he refuses to follow your rules. Most teenagers don't want that! They can manipulate mom and dad but not the courts! You might want to check into pins petition, just a thought. but in the meantime try to take care of yourself
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    What behaviors led up to you guys thinking you neede to do the drug test? That was on New Years Eve...

    I am sorry you are going thru this. Our Difficult Child started sneaking out at age 14. Last year she got caught, and had to go to court and have court supervision for 6 months, and some community service by working at meals on wheels. I wish I could say that was the end of behaviors, but it wasn't.

    Such a tough thing to deal with.

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    I will check on that what I was checking on now it's a program where kids go there for 5 1/2 month and last night we told him you have 3 choices you change or you go to that program or the probation officer eventually will take you back to court and I made it very clear to him that he have till January to show us that he want to make better choices since this program will start on January
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    We did the test because I was notice something not being right. A mother knows and that was what lead us to actually see what he did I believe today that if I didn't find that out he will continue going into people houses and I don't want to think but he could end up dead or in jail. It's just hard I'm very sad I'm a hard working parent I know not one knows who I'm in this blob but I have no record I have always work hard and so my husband too we always give them great examples we are good people and I don't know how we end up living this life
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    None of us had children here to deal with these issues. You seem to be doing what you can. Advice will keep coming, I don't have experience navigating the courts, but have dealt with drugs.

    Your child may have to live outside your home in a program in order to figure it out.

    Your not alone....