I don't know what to think of this teacher ...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TerryJ2, May 31, 2012.

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    Whew. I got a call a little bit ago from difficult child's science teacher. She is very loud and expressive, probably fun at a party. But frankly, coming from a mom's point of view, I think she's unprofessional. She has "emoted" before in meetings, but over the phone just now was over the top.
    I rec'd an email from her and she said she could not stay after school on Thur (today) for homework. She added that difficult child usually sat with-his "love interest."
    I typed back that was probably N.
    The teacher then called me and said that now another couple of students are using her classroom to hang out and stare at one another and not get any work done, and "It's hot. The AC went out, and I'm from NY and I'm not used to this, and I'm afraid I'm going to light off and say something I shouldn't say, but I'm not going to sit here and babysit while kids come in and use my classroom to hang out with-their love interests and don't do any work. So I just wanted you go know that I don't think that kids are doing a lot of work here after school, and I don't know where he is if he says he's staying after, and like I said, it's hot and I want to go home and there aren't very many of us here and these kids are just sitting in there by themselves ..."
    "difficult child called me and knows that you are not available. He went to pre-algebra down the hallway."
    "Oh, well, I didn't mean to make it sound like no one was here, I mean, if he's in pre-algebra, then I'm sure there's a teacher there."
    I spent most of the time saying, "Mmm" like a therapist.
    I called the main office and explained the situation. She kindly checked pre-alg and said that the teacher was in the room and that the kids were working. (Plus, I can check online and see that difficult child is completing assignments, if a bit behind, and getting graded.)
    I'll pick him up in 20 min.
    I'm just shaking my head. It can only get worse in HS.
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    Egads! I know what to think of that teacher, and it ain't much. Take control woman! Nice that difficult child has an better alternative.

    My son has told me that his gifted-enrichment teacher "spazzs out." He has heard her say something nasty to a classmate and there's a rumor that she locked a kid in a closet.

    Teachers are people, too. Sometimes they aren't going to behave properly. At least you have a head's up on this one.
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    If it's HER classroom then why is she ALLOWING them to be in her room and not work? Sounds like she's more interested in being their friend which isn't going to get her very far. Ugg.....This one doesn't teach HS too does she????
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    Let's hope not she would be dating the students it sounds like... how old is she like 22yo just got out of college? Between the young ones who don't know what doing or the old ones who are burnt out I'm having same type issues with teachers here. Sorry terry
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    Yeah why is she allowing them to sit in the room and stare at each other? Why not direct them to separate corners of the room so they cant talk to each other and make sure no one has a cell phone to text with? Im not a teacher but I think I could figure out how to control teens after school and get them to do homework!

    Oh yeah...Mandy has to do this everyday! And her biggest problems are the kids that are preteens. LOL.
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    I would definitely have a sit down with principle about this
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    I know, I know, lol, I just had to share the misery!
    I totally agree--she's the teacher and she merely has to separate the kids.
    Yes, I will talk to the principal.
    by the way, she's about 40. And has kids. Sigh.
  8. DammitJanet

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    She has kids? LOL...maybe she has difficult child's and is burnt out by having them 24/7.