I don't think my xmas tree will make it to xmas

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by flutterbee, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. flutterbee

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    I put my Christmas tree up yesterday afternoon. I had Christmas music playing and lovingly decorated the tree reminiscing over where this ornament or that ornament came from. Spent yesterday evening with all the lights in the house off so I could admire the beauty of my tree. :lights: Of course, everytime difficult child walks into a room every light goes on and I had to follow her around and turn them back off. She doesn't seem to realize that after you flip the switch on, it is capable of being switched off.

    I got up this morning and found in the hall a glass bulb in about 15 pieces. I proceed to the living room where I find 4 more bulbs on the floor - thankfully in one piece - all missing hooks except for one and the cranberry garland dangling from the tree. I rehang the garland and the bulb with the hook and search the tree fruitlessly for the tops to the other bulbs. They are now decorating my table. The shutters along the window in front of the tree were dangling off the windowsill. That tells me that the cat climbed the shutters then leaped from them into the tree. I turn around to check my other decorations and find the santa and a candle knocked over and the sleigh full of christmas bulbs had been emptied of it's contents.

    I can only imagine how much fun baby Abbey (the kitty) was having last night. She probably had the best time chasing that bulb all over the house until it finally smashed into the baseboard and shattered. How disappointing that must have been for her. :rofl:

    So, I'm going to take a 'before' picture of the tree so I can at least remember what it looked like in the first 24 hours. Then, I'm off to the store to buy more kitty toys in the delusional hope that it will deter Abbey from the tree.

    Tis the season! :pet:
  2. mrscatinthehat

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    Well those little critters can be so darn cute one minute and so darn ornery the next. Hope she doesn't hurt herself and i hope you get to keep your holiday decor in not too many pieces.

  3. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Well DUH Heather it is because you don't have this!!!!


    I have these all over my house... I don't want Indy to ruin my Holidays!!! I think I purchased 5!!! Even one in the bathroom, so when I am (you know) I can look up and see the beauty of Christmas.... LMAO

    AS IF.... could you imagine??? I do think you need one!!! ASAP!

    That reminds me 2 year ago when we got K Annabelle, her Calico. We tried to wrap, her in a box, etc. For a few minute!!! We ran with the box into K's room on Christmas, the box was going crazy. K was too scared to open it up!!! LOL Finally the box exploded... Annie burst out!!! K was so scared and then so Happy!!! husband and I were laughing, and trying not to scare everyone.... I wish I had caught it on video....

    Cats are funny little creatures...
  4. flutterbee

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    Am I reading that right? $600.00?! :faint:

    At that price, I think I'll stick to replacing ornaments. Besides, I'm pretty sure that Abbey could knock it over when she goes leaping into it from the windowsill or ice box, weighted base or not. :sled: She loves an adventure. She'll come running into the kitchen on the pergo floor and then sliiiiiiiiide all the way across the room.

    She's so funny. She was under the tree starting to climb up and I said, "Abbey, get out of my tree." She gets down, pokes her head out from underneath and meows. I walk out of the room and hear that familiar clinking sound and come back just in time to see her pop another ornament off.
  5. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    I know when I saw the price I nearly fainted!!! Someone was telling us that this is the "new" trend in Condos... space saving trick... We actually put up our 4ft silver tree and put it on a table. We are thinking of getting our real tree when the in-laws show up and putting it outside and just putting it outside with just lights on it.... on our deck!

    I will remain un-trendy!!!
  6. meowbunny

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    I always have bells and anything that tinkles at the bottom of my tree. At least I know when it is being disturbed.

    Fortunately, the girls here are getting too old to bother with the ornaments and they learned a long time ago that getting on the table to get fun stuff meant a wet kitty.

    What's fun here is when they smell their new catnip toys. I don't care where I put them, they know where they are and will do almost anything to get to them. The funniest was the year they were on the bookcase behind some books. I'd be woken up every night to the books crashing to the ground and a cat holding on for dear life to the edge of the bookcase. It was okay when it was the two small ones but when the Maine Coon got up there, it was not just the books crashing but the bookcase leaning and books all over my bed. I didn't know I could roll out of bed that fast. Now, I just buy them Christmas Eve.
  7. susiequte

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    My cats were never interested in the official cat toys!!! Only in the fragile things they could break!!!
  8. Hound dog

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    I can honestly say our cat Shadow has never bothered a xmas tree. She does, however, enjoy curling up around the nativity scene on the buffet. lol

    Now new kitten Bruce is another story. Although I think he's been awfully good so far.

    Nichole and I are putting up the 6 foot fake tree and you know how you have to straighten out the branches so they look like branches.... Well Bruce decided we were playing this wonderful new game with him. Every so often either Nichole or I would yelp. Bruce kept appearing out of nowhere from the branches and attacking our hands. :rofl:

    After batting a few ornaments around, I think he's bored with it. I mean, afterall he has Betsy to tease, taunt, and play with. Much more fun. lol
  9. donna723

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    I've my fingers crossed and I'm holding my breath - and so far the dogs don't seem to be paying the slightest bit of attention to the Christmas tree! I was worried about it because my youngest Boston, Katy, is a ball fanatic and all those round, shiny things on the tree look an awful lot like her favorite toy! Either she just hasn't noticed them yet or she's just not interested.

    I have a feeling though that when I put the tree skirt around the bottom of the tree, they will both want to lay on it and take a nap there!
  10. SRL

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    My kitty Pippin had our tree down in two minutes last year. I roped it to the base and let the kids decorate without any glass. Then I put mine up to see what would happen before decorating and he had that one down by evening. Needless to say, all my lovely German glass ornaments stayed safely in their boxes.

    I'm not sure what I'll do this year. He's left the downstairs tree pretty much alone, aside from drinking the water. But the upstairs tree goes in HIS spot. It's the only place upstairs so there's no help for that.
  11. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Well it's certainly going to make keeping it watered a B#_(H