I forgot how bad stress hang-overs can be...


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My head is pounding as bad a college students after attending the MTV Spring Break!

Took a xanax before I went to bed so I could sleep, but still woke up feeling like I was hit by a bus.

The weekend started out with leaving work on Friday not know if we would be working on Monday. The East Coast had until Midnight Friday to sign a contract or we couldn't work. They signed it at the very last minute. Got the word around 9:30pm West Coast time on Friday. That should of been good.....

It was short lived. The back story is - I work for a govt contractor and due to many changes to contractors I ended up working for the same contractor my Dad works for. Of course, he's WAY up there and I'm just a very low employee. But, my Dad talks to my Mom and sometimes Mom says things that she's not supposed to repeat to me...... Like that this contract only covers us for the month of October. More contracts have to be signed soon or we get to go through this all over on Oct 31st and I can't say a word to my fellow employees. Uhg......

Oh and add to that the joys of Ant. (details will follow with a post in PE).

I really did forget how bad a lot of stress could leave you feeling. Every muscle in body feels like it went through heck this weekend and my head is pounding like I tried to keep up with a college student on spring break.

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:Grouphug:Awww, I'm sorry. I hope things improve, the company retains another contract (one that doesn't end every 30 days!) and you get the rest you need.

I totally know what a stress hangover feels like.

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What you need is a nice long soak in a very hot tub of water. Throw in some bubbles, pour yourself a drink and make it a real treat.