I Forgot How Exhausting It is......

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    I forgot how exhausting it is to have katie's 3 kids in the house. wow.

    Plans were altered a bit. One it wasn't friday, it was saturday. BUT I have a thing with crowds of people, I don't deal with it well at all. Patience level drops to zero in a very short time......and I'm always fighting the urge to bolt and run. (I've always been that way, nothing new) And I knew the fairgrounds would be swamped with people. So I was dreading it something fierce. I mailed Katie and told her I'd take her if she really wanted to go but I gave her the option of skipping it and just go to yard sales with me and easy child instead. I'd forgotten katie has the same issue with crowds that I do, and she jumped at the chance to skip it. So we reorganized our Fun Day on the spur of the moment.

    easy child and I picked up katie around 10ish and hit the yard sale trail. We stopped at Mc D's and easy child treated us to lunch, which surprised katie. Then did some more yard sales. Naptime for Conner made it time to pick up kayla, Alex, and Evan to come over to Nana's to play. Thankfully the temps are in the mid 80's and not over 100. It was humid, but there was a decent breeze as Nana made them play outside while katie and I chatted on the porch.

    I had a pork roast cooking in the crock pot all day......so supper was easy and yummy and I found I had 2 boys each trying to sit so close to me they were nearly on top of me. lol Evan is eating soooooo much better with his teeth pulled / fixed and he is finally putting on weight and has grown a little. Alex is thin but he's also grown an inch or two so that could be the reason for it. Kayla is good weight, but she is still not growing. I told katie she's going to have to look into that as the child is running out of growing time and she's been in a size 7 for 4 yrs now. Something is wrong with that, diet, hormones, something.

    Katie was cautious with her money today. No splurging, pricing things carefully. We're having issues here with people being desperate and selling off things to survive and pricing them too high for a yard sale. But she did manage to find a few deals for kayla. easy child has offered to give her clothes for Evan that Darrin has outgrown since katie has been trying hard. So now the only one she has to watch for is Alex.....and like I told her sometimes it's just a matter of timing, so not to worry. If all else fails we'll hit goodwill.

    Good social interaction today. Brandon has taken a liking to this aunt, and Brandon doesn't just like anyone, so hmm I find that interesting. She even did better with her own kids today......no whining at them thank god (drives me nuts when she does that). But boy you can see the difference in the boys behavior now that daddy is there with them. whew

    M's clothing literally hangs from him, looks horrible. He nor katie asked if he was invited today and I kept my mouth shut. He's never NOT been invited. He just stopped coming. I count my blessings and keep my mouth shut. lol Works out perfectly.

    Monday I'll be bring her and the kids here so they can visit with Nichole and see Aubrey and Oliver. Tues easy child and I will take her to krogers / walmart shopping with us for another lesson in coupons and hopefully some deals that will make her feel good.

    But man o' man am I completely exhausted.

    Tomorrow Nichole and the kids are coming down around 1pm so Aubrey can have some Nana time before Connor's first birthday party. (easy child is having a seperate party for katie and the kids cuz she got roped into a group party with cousins from sister in law's side of the family) Then I've got the party. The the monday visit............and yeah, they wonder why I don't have my big cleaning done yet. ugh Nana is just too popular. lol
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    Exhaustion aside, your post was a great one! Sounds like Katie is learning some much needed and long overdue budgeting skills and the kids are benefiting. I do hope she looks into why your granddaughter is not growing. Size 7 for 4 straight years sounds very off to me too. I know from your posts re: Katie that this isn't going to be easy to help her finally grow up and learn life skills, but these are positive baby steps for her and I do hope for all involved that these lessons stick. I'm also glad that M didn't surface which I know must make visits far more enjoyable for you. I think its good for Katie to develop these relationships with you all in healthy ways without M present. She needs to learn what life without M around looks like, learn that she can make good choices, can manage finances (especially low income ones) to provide for herself and the kids, that her family is there for her when she's doing right and are supportive. I bet her day is very different when alone with M. The contrast I'm somehow betting is very different between days spent with him and days spent with you all. I hope that it continues this way. It's a marathon, not a sprint. She's made poor choices and become adept at hiding her poor choices. These are great steps for her towards making good choices and perhaps finally finding a way to feel pride in herself. One can hope that pride will grow to a point she realizes she can consistently make right choices and even better, perhaps her pride will grow to where M will no longer be acceptable to her as a fixture in her life.
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    Sounds like a great day!

    I'm with both of you on the bailing out of large crowds thing.
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    I was exhausted reading your post too, but it was nice to read about all the updates and funny kiddos! You're a good nana.
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    Sounds like a big busy day! Glad everyone had a good time.
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    LOVE it!!! I am so happy to hear Katie is learning so much from you. How else would she ever learn any of that?? :)
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    Sounds like things are looking more positive - excellent! :)

    I am glad you are helping them with shopping - and maybe ask the kids what there favorites are so they can try to eat a little more and get their weight up?

    Happy news!!!! Keep taking your B-12 vitamins and drink lots of coffee :)