I forgot to mention......can't believe I did this

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as it's been a somewhat chaotic weekend.

Late Friday afternoon I rec'd a call from mental health CM. He informed me that there was an opening at an all girls Residential Treatment Center (RTC) just north of the Cities (about 45 minutes away).

I've been sitting on the information because kt has promised a battle royal. Saying that, kt has been calm & rather reflective this afternoon. I broached the subject of Residential Treatment Center (RTC) & showed her the website of the facility.

kt has agreed to tour this Residential Treatment Center (RTC) & keep an open mind. :choir: I showed her the facility with the exercise room on each floor along with classrooms, etc. I think what sold her was that Residential Treatment Center (RTC) is out in the country with paths going thru the woods & a river nearby to sit & read or whatever.

I told kt that I wanted her to thrive ~ to take this opportunity to expand the skills she's learned while catching up with schoolwork; maybe even making a few friends.

Insurance has approved a 90 day stay with the possibility of another 90 days if needed.

kt has an appointment with psychiatrist on Wednesday for a psychiatric evaluation. I need to get her into MD for a physical as well.

Please keep all body parts crossed this coming week as this would move very quickly. kt needs to agree to treatment; this is the first sign that kt knows she cannot do this herself here at home.



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Oh sweetheart!!!! This is good! I'm glad kt seemed open to it. I'm pretzeling up for you!!!


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Oh good! I'm hoping you can get her in quickly, before she changes her mind. That sounds like a good place for her.


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I'm glad she seems willing to go, I hope everything falls gently in place.


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Oh, my goodness gracious. How awesome that a bed may be open and doubly awesome that the facility appears to have appealing components. You can count on my caring cyber support. DDD


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Prayers going up, Linda. It is sad that they need her to accept the placement, she seems so unprepared for the real world, how can she make such a decision?