I gave in!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Mar 21, 2008.

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    I was feeling OK today, had bfast with my mom and difficult child and thank you. Then went to sign papers so difficult child could get a passport. My parents are taking him to Britain and Germany this summer, most likely. (HEY - they never took ME!!!! :not_fair:

    Anyway, We have been thinking about getting another cat for a while. Our older cat died a few months ago.

    In the course of our errands we were a few blocks from the Animal Control Office. So we went in. An hour later thank you and I were in LOVE with a Siamese Seal Point cat. He is 8 months old and so beautiful and sweet. He has already gotten me to clean my bathroom counter off. He wanted to look in the mirror! He likes to play in water with his paws, thinks I am the greatest thing, and just had a hissy at my husband. Obviously he likes children and women better.

    That is OK. husband is owned by the bird and by Gracie. Gracie is a little upset - I think she wanted something smaller. The new guy is 8 months old (we have the records of when he was born, though he is not pedigreed) but he is bigger than Gracie and 3-4 pounds heavier. She will adjust.

    Because we live in a small town, we got to pay the adoption and neutering fee and take him home. he hasn't been neutered yet, and the vet won't get to him until Monday morning. BUT the vet they use is OUR vet, has been for years. So, as we have a relationship with the vet, they let us have him for the weekend, trusting we will take him in on Monday.

    He is adjusting to life with us pretty well. He is only in the bathroom, with his own litter box, bed (though he seems to prefer my bathroom rug, which is fine), a new water dish (a seemingly endless source of entertainment - he likes to PLAY in the water! I can't wait until I take a shower - I have a feeling he may join me, LOL!), and a new food dish picked out by thank you. I even got a cool new scoop for the litter box - it has its own stand! (Gee, doesn't take much to excite me, huh?). thank you even insisted on picking out a couple of toys for him!!

    I have a new baby!!! We will figure out a name for him in the next few days. He WAS named Lestat, but that just doesn't work for him.

    I'm so excited!!!!!!

  2. Steely

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    Hmmmmmmmmm................that must be really hard. Your title says you "gave in", what does that mean? Did you not want him to go?
  3. susiestar

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    Well, I gave in to the kids and husband asking when we were going to get a new cat. And gave in to the adorable kitty when we saw him at the shelter. He is too pretty, our humane society would have taken him (had already done the FIV test), but I just couldn't resist taking him home.

    Being out to sign the papers for the passport was just the major reason I went to do errands today. And why I ended up a few blocks from the Animal Control offices! I do wish to go to Europe at some point in my life. I know my parents really are ready to travel this year, and they are willing to be fully in charge of difficult child. So I am willing to let them (he lives with them because he is violent when he lives with us. husband won't make him stop being violent and my dad will work him into the ground when he pulls any attitude at all.) So the trip, and it not being fair, is just a whine. NOt really even a gripe. I hope they have fun and find a cookbook for me!!!


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    Ooooh, that is so neat! I almost got a Siamese this past yr but it had been abused and was too shy, plus, the holidays were coming up ... your cat sounds like it has so much personality!
    Good job!
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    Congrats on your new addition!!
  6. Jungleland

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    OHHHH how fun! Just LOOOOVE kitties! I have a Bengal named Jake and he is quite the character. He also loves to play in the water and I find myself having to clean the bathroom nearly daily due to his water fetish! Jayme loves to dress him in doll clothes and put him in a crib, and he ALLOWS her to do this! Amazing. He is my baby, don't know what I'd do without him.

    Just an aside, be sure not to let your Siamese outside. I was told that Bengals and Siamese are the first cats to be "catnapped" and never to let Jake outside. There is a gorgeous Siamese that lives in our apartment complex named Skylar and he is a major love.

    Anyways, enjoy your new baby and give him some snuggles from this board auntie!!

  7. katya02

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    Congrats on your new Siamese baby! Siamese cats are the best. I love their personalities. Our male Siamese (Loki) loves to play with water too. He frequently turns on the lever-handled taps in my third son's bathroom during the night, gets himself a drink, splashes around a little, and then goes back to bed (leaving the tap running)!
  8. SRL

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    I was close--when I read the subject line I figured a puppy had adoped you. :)
  9. susiestar

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    SRL - Please do not think that one too loudly!! My bro was given a registered border collie. He had a male one, this one was female. She gave birth to a litter of 10 puppies. I just cannot take care of, or train one. But I know the plea to take one is coming! The owner of the female moved out of state, and bro does not have her papers.

    Still not sure what we will call him, but I fall more in love with him every time we cuddle! So sweet, but protective of me. Hissed at husband when he came in and stood next to me. Fine with husband (not as enthusiastic as he is with me though) but NOT if husband is near me. Cat wants to be between us. I sat on the floor of the bathroom next to husband and the little guy warmed up and calmed down.

    He just helped me take a shower. Seems to love to play in the water with his paws. Bet he would be a good fishing cat.

    So far he has batted at me, but NO CLAWS. He is very very gentle with the kids. Seems to like Jessie to sing to him, and thank you has been reading Animorphs books out loud to him. I heard thank you ask him if he was just stuck in cat form too long and unable to get back to being a people!

    Gracie is not happy. But she will get around it. She is husband's cat (actually he is her human), so this will balance us nicely.

    thank you and I found another used bookstore in town. They had a book on 101 cat care tips. He is taking the reading, and planning of what the new kitty needs, very seriously. It is so cute!

    When difficult child found out we were bringing the cat home today HE even came to help us bring the cat home. He is a MAJOR softie with animals. We had a fairly nice evening, esp considering the new cat and difficult child being here. difficult child and thank you were debating something, but got pretty loud. No biggie, except for Jess.

    Jess was overtired because she spent the night at a friends. They are family friends. Jess was trying to help her bff with the little sister. Hearing difficult child debating (play arguing - and it didn't get out of hand!) was really tough on her. She and I cuddled and watched a dvd in my room for a good part of the evening.

    Vickie, this guy LOVES to splash in the water. SO cute. And he is a real talker. I fell in love with what I learned about the Bengals. I am envious of you having one. Isn't it amazing how the love of a cat can make a lot of things OK?

    Just to let you know, I never let my furbabies outside. Well, my featherbaby goes out in her cage in nice weather, but the cats don't. Too many dogs in our neighborhood - and no fences required for them. Nice to peopel dogs, but my furbabies are strictly indoors. Thanks for the warning though.
  10. SRL

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    Hey, there's still time!

    When my cat was a kitten he absolutely loved water--still down. He would have a ruckus at the bathroom door whenever he heard the shower going and then play in the water until he was good and wet. Once he hopped into the tub with me...hopped right out again, though--too much for even him. We can't leave glasses of water out on the kitchen table because he paws them over to the side of the table and knocks them down to the floor.

    You might try putting a dab of vanilla on each cat--it evens out the smell and can make them more acceptalble to each other.
  11. daralex

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    So maybe I'm missing it? (I get the cat thing (many congrats on the siamese! - I'm a cat lover at heart) but where is the jumping up and down to celebrate the vacation that will remove a difficult child from the household setting for a bit - it's not his vacation - it's yours!!!!! I'd take that over Europe any day!:D
  12. Hound dog

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    Huge congrats on the new baby. :redface:

    Sounds alot like Bruce. lol Maybe your new furbaby will warm up to husband in time.

  13. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911


    And what did we name our new little bundle of fur??

    George? George and Gracie?

    Oh yeah.......and what Daralex said??????NO JUMPING?????
  14. susiestar

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    No name yet! We are waiting to see what fits him. Right now we each call him something different.

    As for the celebration for difficult child's trip, it is nice, but we don't live with him anyway. He was removed from the home at my demand. He was violent, the seci=ond time the sheriff came I refused to agree to let him stay here. (I REFUSE to be anyone's battered woman - and THAT is what I was becoming). He eventually got kicked out of the shelter, went to my parents (in the same town) and we agreed to let him stay there rather than continue to press charges. My dad and mom are both retired - dad from teaching jr high. Dad workedh im in the yard everytime there was any problem at first - and threatened to beat him to death if he hit my mom. I was fine with both. It worked, and now difficult child is rather fun to have around - for visits. So he is going because he LIVES with them. I do appreciate them taking him, but also offered to let him come stay here if they don't want to take him.

    difficult child adores the new furbaby, as well as the other pets.


  15. Shari

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    congrats on the new addition!