I got a real LETTER today!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by donna723, Jan 5, 2012.

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    Yes, a real hand-written multi-page letter from a relative, addressed to me and sent through the mail! In these days of cell phones and emails, it's probably been a decade or more since I got a real hand-written thoughtful letter from someone! I don't know why this should please me so much but it does!

    I think I mentioned here before how we had lost contact with my mothers side of the family so many years ago and haven't seen any of them since we were kids. And then a few months ago I ran in to a second (or third?) cousin on the Ancestry.com site - she is now a Facebook friend and through her I have made contact with several other cousins - people I thought I would never hear from again! The letter is from her father. She gave me his address, I sent them a Christmas card, and he wrote me a letter! He was my mother's first cousin, the youngest child of my grandmothers youngest sister, and the only one left of this once huge family! He's 84 now, still sharp as can be, still drives, has a beautiful handwriting, and just came back from a vacation in Mexico where they took pictures of him dancing with his wife in the clubs! He said he keeps picturing my brothers and I as the little kids we were the last time he saw us and it's hard to believe that we're all old enough to have our own grandchildren now! But the best part is that he's old enough to have known our great-grandparents and he will be able to answer a lot of the questions that I've had for so long! He's 84 and he doesn't "do"computers or emails. So tomorrow I will sit down and actually answer his letter, writing it on paper, putting it in an envelope with a stamp and mailing it! Haven't done that in years! And it's kind of nice ... letter writing is really becoming a lost art and it's a shame.
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    That is really cool. I mean, really, really cool.

    My grandparents don't do emails, either. I write them about once a year... Needs to be more.

    In fact, I had to go find the stamps tonight to send a get well card... LOL!
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    That's wonderful, Donna. I have received two in the past ten years. It was almost like being a child again as I was so thrilled that the mailman brought something other than bills and circulars, lol. Now (if you're like me) you'll have to do a little practice on your cursive before responding. Let's hear it for classy old men! Hugs. DDD
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    Actually I haven't written in cursive for years and I'm not even sure why. I started printing everything about the same time as I got divorced, maybe a "control" thing? And our generations learned to write in cursive in school, even had a penmanship teacher! I guess I'll have to practice up!
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    I don't have the energy to start a new movement... but I've been tempted.
    Remember the whole "slow food" trend?
    Well... its time to bring back "slow communication".

    It is a long-held traditional form of communication, something tangible, that can link people across many miles.
    We need to bring it back.
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    LOL...It hasnt been that long since I sent letters but that is because of military and jail. However, even when I did that I used the computer to do the writing. I typed them up on the computer and then printed them out! I could then insert pictures into the letters.