I got difficult child registered at Walmart

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by mstang67chic, Apr 29, 2010.

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    We spent three HOURS on that stupid list!!! It's THIRTEEN pages long! LOL But....I'm pretty sure we covered just about everything we wanted to on it. I didn't do curtains because we need to see what size windows he'll have, didn't do a shower caddy because he may not need one and didn't get the food on there like I wanted. I think though, that we got just about everything else in the store. Basic cleaning supplies, clothes, cd's, dvd's, dvd player, game system, stereo, dishes, kitchen and bath towels, bath mats, tooth brush holder, toilet brush, drainboard, glasses, pans, utensils, bedding, even a coffee table and end table, lamps, light bulbs, patio chairs....just realized that we forgot glasses but at this point...I'm too freaking tired to care! LOL Aside from the glasses and the couple of things I'll need to see his apartment first for.....if it's not on the list...he doesn't need it!

    Now.....I'm off to nap!
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    Good job! I bet it was fun to "shop". Can you still add to the list? There are always last minute shoppers so if you are able to add to the list go ahead and do so.