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    so i had to share this, as many of you know we dont' have insurance. i do have what i have and need it. the appointments are expensive etc.

    well anyway winds up i've had ms for quite sometime. i just kept trucking on through the symptoms for years. so i've probably had it like 15 years, just now the symptoms are getting alot more prominent and it's progressing a bit.

    we've learned that the president did pass a law stating no one can be left uninsured for a pre existing medical condition. which includes all of us, yet that piece of legislation i have to look into because i do not know if it has come to reality yet or not, each new piece becomes "active" i guess you'd say at a certain time.

    Drug company for avonex called today and based on our income we qualify to be ina special program that allows me to recieve the medication for free in exchange for me giving them info on my side effects, if it's working, less lesions, how my pain is etc etc.

    i'm shocked, nothing is for free in this world. i'm not even sure about this medication to be honest, i've been keeping most of my symptoms at bay with diet change i'm now eating a non gluten diet, a whole lotta supplements and yoga and i am now going to gym which is giving me more pain yet ppl say to work thru it because that will pass.

    so, they'll be delivering my injections in about 2 weeks and than i set up a nurse to come show me how to inject myself. yet as i said i don't know if i want to take it. ms medications are quite confusing, almost like medications we deal with they have no clue how it truly works, their only educated guesses.

    the type of medication if i do take it is called an interferon. basically our own bodies produce it, mine just clearly doesn't produce enough to save whats' left of my mylein sheath where my nerves are located and what protects them. as doctor said i'm like a short circuited human being right now. :)
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    That law doesn't go into effect until 2014 but there is a chance that it may be killed before then

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    It's alive in some states........
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    Actually after re-reading the web info - It looks like all states have some form of it - just the US Govt runs some states, and the other states run their own pre-existing ins programs. It is a little complicated, but I am in the process of applying for it, so I will let you know. I know that the first step I had to have was a denial letter from a private health ins co., so I am waiting on that first.

    Jena - congrats on getting those medications for free by offering to give them info - that is really cool. You are not only helping yourself, but many others. My Dad did something similar with his cancer. He participated in lots of "research" pilot programs that the medical school was offering for his treatment and medications. His profession was a scientist at the medical school - so this made it even more appealing to him - but they actually found some ground breaking discoveries on treating his type of cancer through his participation. The results were published in journals for other doctors to now know about and possibly use for their treatments of their patients. Talk about making lemonade out of lemons - it was very cool. :)
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    well i'm simply going to lie when i apply. I don't know if my dr will be willing to lie for me also. yet we'll c. at least i get the medication for free for 2 years that'll bring me to 2013, than they said if it's working and i dont' have medications they'll keep approving me.

    so, we're trying to decide if we want to go the medication route. it has alot of awful side effects.
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    No, LOOK at that website I just gave you!!! NY has pre-existing coverage run by the state!!!

    You can't get away with lying - it will be discovered as soon as the ins company starts getting the bills and seeing what stage your MS is. And your Dr would not lie or he could lose his license.