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    I have posted before about difficult child being thrown into a mania on the Celexa the psychiatrist put her on. When I talked to the dr about it, she said difficult child really did seem depressed initially so she tried another AD. I was kinda bothered by the fact that she chose the medication because difficult child said the name sounded cool. (The way it went down: the psychiatrist mentioned Zoloft and difficult child responded with "Zoloft? Thats a cool name. I could totally write a book about a character named Zoloft. He would be an alien with super powers and he could.......) all of that in a very rapid speech!!! So Zoloft it was-----OMG it was worse than the Celexa. She was in a constant rage. I finally went back and told the psychiatrist I would rather have her depressed like she was than what we were dealing with. So off Zoloft!

    difficult child also doesnt sleep anymore---3-4am she falls asleep, and by 8 or 9 she is up causing problems where ever she can. So psychiatrist recommends trying to see if getting her to sleep would help and prescribed Trazadone. She did mention the possibility of MS's @ this appointment---but said she is reluctant to go there because they have more side effects---I told her I would rather have a happy kid with side effects than an unstable kid.

    The Trazadone is a joke. Instead of putting her to sleep, she rages. She told me that it works---in that it makes her tired all the next day. I am calling the dr Monday!!

    But anyways about the hopefully helpful news:

    My husband's grandma called me last night. Said she was talking to her sister(F) about difficult child and that F thinks it sounds like Bipolar---well I told Grandma thats what I had been thinking. I knew there was a family history--but wasnt sure how much of one. Well Grandma hooked me up with F and I talked to her this am. She has done lots of research into the family history. She gave me all the info. She herself is BiPolar (BP), her 2 boys, her sister and brother, several of her nephews--and many many many cousins. She even told me about the ones she suspects are but are not diagnosed. I was able to write it all up and going to take it to the psychiatrist. When she asked about it initially, I just told her there were alot of people---but couldnt give her many specifics.

    If she doesnt take this info and prescribe a MS I will be looking for another psychiatrist!!!
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    It sounds like a thorough neuropsychologist evaluation and a new psychiatrist are both in order to me. Good luck!

    PS FWIW, MS's are not a ccure all by any means and sometimes BiPolar (BP) is mis-diagnosis'd. You might want to refer to my thread "mania question" for a discussion on one aspect of this.
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    Your difficult child would probably do better on one of the mood stabilizers like Lamictal to help with the depressive aspects of her symptoms. It helped my husband tremendously (until he developed a skin sensitivity to it) with his depression. She may end up needing more than one medication to acheive stability.
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    klmno: I have an appointment with her pediatrician on the 31st to see if I can get a referral to a neuropsychologist!! I read through your thread earlier today!! I agree that some people just have reactions to ADs, but difficult child has been showing signs of BiPolar (BP) for a very long time. The ADs just threw her into a mania worse that what I have ever seen before. I dont think she was ever really depressed-she just looked that way at the 1st appointment because it was a new situation and she deals with uncomfortable situations by shutting down. Its the same thing she would do at school--if a teacher asked her to do something and she didnt want to--she would just stop everything, put her head down on her desk and ignore them.

    I realize she may need more than one medication to be stable---but it would be great to get headed in a direction that is going to get us there eventually!!! I really dont think we are on that track right now.
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    That is good that you found a family history since you have already had your suspicians! Without that it can be very hard to get a DR. to diagnosis a mood disorder in a child. When I was doing my own research within my family I ran into roadblocks when someone said "Aunt so-and-so went to a theater naked" but they didn't know her diagnosis or what her mental illness was. We had no progress with Little Bear until we went to MS. Now we seem to be on the right track with the medications at least!