I GOT THE JOB, FOR REAL!!! it's official

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Jena, Dec 5, 2008.

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    ok i know, i know my endless posts!! :)

    I got the call today, I'm good to go. I knew I had it but I wasn't 100% confident till the offer came through. So, my new supervisor called me today and offered me the position!

    I said, yes I am so excited! I can't wait. They sound so cool. She said when can you start? I said after difficult child's holiday break?? She said sure no problem, we'll set up all your training and seminars for that week. So, i'm off to get my fingerprints next week!

    This has been a good day. I'm so exhausted though, after all these sleepless nights with difficult child. i'm walking into walls.

    Thanks for all of you having faith in me, it means alot!!
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    Woo Hoo!
    Congratulations Jen. How wonderful.
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    thanks. i know it was silly to start another post, but i think between difficult child being so busy and awake 3 nights like this and me being excited i'm dillussional. I made the opst and said ok that was silly. lol

    thanks. i just need some sleep now. i have to calm down though this job isn't for another mos. at least it'll give me time to finish up things here i wnated to take care of, get difficult child thru the holidays and keep raising her medication to get her good, and i have to find a babysitter as back up incase i have appts that run past 3:30. that should be fun....
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    Too bad we didn't live so far apart. My easy child would love a chance to babysit. She loves kids and one that she is no longer babysitting for on regular basis is so sad.
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    i know that would be great. she even drives, she gets lost alot but we could pop my gps in her car!! LOL

    it's going to be difficult to find a back up that hopefully i wont 'have to utilize too much that will be willing to pick up easy child from track and her three friends on my days and also deliver difficult child to dance two times a week. i'm just hoping i can juggle my schedule so that i'm home most days by 3:30 when difficult child gets out. than make up the hours on sat. they told me my schedule is my own! I told them than fasten your seatbelt. I'll be doing 9 p.m. mtgs after difficult child is settled down, sunday lunches with parents, etc. lol whatever it takes to keep both things stable and difficult child progressing
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    Congratulations Jennifer!!!
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    That is exciting, Congrats!!!