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    ...that Sharon (WipedOut) got. I should have been well prepared, having just read *and* contributed to Sharon's thread on that very subject. But, this was the day of my mini-breakdown - about an hour before actually - and I just sat there looking stupid.

    So, all I got out was school, job, anxiety as the issues needing to be addressed. We have another meeting tomorrow - with the lady from CS and BDD (Board of Developmental Disabilities) to get ready for the IEP meeting on Wed. I guess we can talk about it some more.

    And tonight I had an unsettling thought. difficult child *always* printed out her most recent journal entries and took them to her therapist appointments. That stopped when she got out of the psychiatric hospital. I was innocently thinking - because she is doing so much better and is grounded in reality - that she just wasn't writing as much. Afterall, she only wrote when she was angry....which was all the time.

    Then, that thought hit. What if she's not sharing her journal anymore because therapist discussed them with psychiatrist, and psychiatrist misconstrued difficult child's journal entries and used that to admit difficult child into psychiatric hospital. I mean, I knew when they wrote down the reason for admittance that it was wrong, but I didn't care. She needed to be there. But, now I'm worried about trust issues between difficult child and therapist. We are already hunting for a new psychiatrist because difficult child doesn't trust her. (I think she's pretty flakey anyway.) I'll have to remember to address that with therapist on Thursday (must write myself a note).

    I wish that thought hadn't hit. I liked thinking that it was because difficult child was doing so much better. I liked it in my little world. Now, I'm worried that she just doesn't trust anyone enough to share things with. Trust is such a huge issue with difficult child. And with the way she internalizes everything.... I want her to have someone to share with.

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    no answers, just hugs
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    That is hard. I have gone through this in a way with husband and his psychiatrist. Luckily, husband does not realize that when psychiatrist asked me if I was afraid of husband before his first hospitalization and I said yes, that what I had said pobably had a lot to do with his being admitted. I have to be careful of what I say, as I do not want to damage their relationship. Hugs.