I got unemployment! Yay!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by MidwestMom, Jan 14, 2013.

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    I called the Dept of Labor and they gave me a phone number that they told me may be able to help me reach an unemployment specialist sooner. I did and I was told I am now laid off. It was really easy. I am very relieved. Thanks to all who helped me.

    I also requested, from Head Start, my employee records. I had no idea I was entitled to them, but anyone is and they have five days to send them to me. It will be interesting to go through the records. I am allowed to challenge anything I feel is wrong and I will. I didn't come this far to give up just because I get unemployment. I truly don't want this to happen to others.

    Have a great day/night!!!! I am back to normal now. I really wondered if that would ever happen.
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    Good for you! I'm so happy that you pursued this right away!:yess:
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    Wow that was quick. Congrats!
  5. SomewhereOutThere

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    You know, because I had so many strange problems on top of mental illness, I learned how to advocate for myself. So when I tried at least 100 times and couldn't get through to the Unemployment Specialist line, I decided to call around to see if there was maybe another way. And there was. I never sit still and just accept nonsense or dysfunction. That's just not how I work; I start to think outside the box.

    I do what I can to help mine and me. And I'll be happy to give suggestions to others who struggle. I usually get what I want while others wait in line forever and never get anywhere because many people are afraid to make waves. But I didn't have any choice in my life and I've become very effective at advocating. I think that's why my kids got such good services. I went in with real information about what the schools had to do rather than trying to be polite and get high marks for being nice. Some baseball coach, Leo Durocher (oh, how old I am! I remember him!) said "Nice guys finish last." Well, nobody has to be mean, but timid people usually do not get what they want or NEED. They get pushed around. I have flaws. Being timid isn't one of them. I will fight to the end and I really don't care who likes me if it is important for me or my loved ones (wink). It has served me well. Most people have no idea of this special number. All it took was finding the right place to call. Most never try to get around the system. :)
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    Wow, MWM, I do think we are observing a metamorphosis! I'm so happy that you are again feeling like yourself. Hugs.
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    You are an awesome advocate and it's wonderful that you stood up for yourself!
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    Thanks. Trust me, I didn't have any choice, like I said :) I have no real family support so I had to learn to stand up for myself and my children. It is a fallacy that being nice and working with the system gets you what you need and that upsetting them makes things worse. It is more effective to fight the system in a calm way, but with weapons that frighten others into action. They do not take it out on you or your kids. They are afraid of those who stick up for themselves. They are more likely to take things out on a meek parent or employee who they know will never rock the boat. Long time experience talking here.
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    :onesmiley1:Congratulations! I, too, will be interested to hear what they've got in those reports.
    This, by far, is my favorite part: "I am back to normal now. I really wondered if that would ever happen."
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    I am THRILLED for you! Go get 'em!!
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    So happy for you! Yay!! :)
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    Are they actually giving you your unemployment without the two week waiting period? If so, that is unheard of! Normally you have to apply, wait a two week waiting period and then your checks start coming. If your checks are going to start coming immediately you got extremely lucky. Did they give you a way to check in each week to verify that you are looking for work? How does it work in your state? Here and in sc you now have to go in and actually show them a form with signatures that show you have been actively been out looking for work.
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    Congrats! It pays to persevere!

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    Good for you!
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    I can't tell you how happy I am for you!
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    In WI, they hold off a week. I'm fine with that. I also get backpay. In WI, there is also no office for unemployment at all. I had to read ofrf my driver's license for them though.
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    No actual office? that is shame. It is of course very good, you got unemployment but if they don't have offices, do they still have any services to help you find a job? I get that you are 'over 21' ;) but I'm sure there would be jobs you would still enjoy doing, but it may feel quite difficult to find them.
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    They have places to help you find jobs and go for interviews. Nobody can get you a job. You have to do it. I don't really care if I get one or not anymore. I'm getting too old for this nonsense.

    Right, Suzir. In WI, amazingly there is no physical office you can go to and I called over 100 times before I could get through to an "Unemployment Specialist." And you can't file unemployment until you talk to one. I suspect my tea party govenor making it hard to get unemployment as he probably sees it as an "entitlement." He did cut employees to help with unemployment. He thinks anything that helps anyone and is government related is a bad thing. I don't think he'll still be here after the next election, but until then he has made many changes to make easy things very difficult. Every state is different.