i gotta go get checked out

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Jena, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. Jena

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    i met with-difficult child's doctor this morning for rounds. their ramping up the zyprexa to the magical 7.5 today.

    she said what's wrong with-you i look not so good. i had horrible heartburn last night didnt' eat anything strange. wasn't anxious at all yet sat up till 3 with chest pain and burning, unable to drink or eat today. drank bottle of pepto ate half thing of tums and still same.

    my knees are also swollen bad and had shooting pain in my left side of mouth today out of blue.

    so she said you gotta go get checked being you dont' have a dr here i would. she said we need you. so i went down and their busy. going to go back in an hr and will have to leave difficult child in her room for a while alone. feel bad nothing going on today no art therapy etc. real quiet.

    let you know. i just need some medication to make it go away so i can eat is all. you know them they'll be hooking me up to ekg's etc. unnecessary

    yesterday i had flat on rental car my luck isnt' soo good lol.
  2. HaoZi

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    You know we'll keep repeating the same thing: Do what you have to take care of you, too. Hope it's nothing serious.
  3. DammitJanet

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    I hope its nothing.

    I will tell you that I had something similar back in 05. Kept getting these nagging pains in my chest. Burning, sharp, shooting pains. Finally I gave in and said to myself...ya know, this really could be something, might wanna get checked out. I so dont do invasive stuff well. Well I go to ER and at the mere mention of "heart and chest pain" they whisked me back so fast my feet didnt even hit the floor. I got all those dratted tests, hooked up to IV's, given all sorts of lovely narcotics and nitroglycerin...and then...nothing. I was dxd with arthritis affecting my chest area. Sigh!
  4. Jena

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    yea the e.r. is very dramatic place indeed!!! lol janet it affected there? wow didnt know it could do that. well the dr is just being careful being im the only parent out here i guess. so i went down there and well there were 7 really germy ppl in there lol i turned and walked out. went to pharmacy told them hey i gotta eat and i have heartburn so bad my chest is burning. they said doyou know what it's from? umm NO :) so they gave me a medication. if it doesnt' work by tmrw i'll cave and go to e.r.

    i'm spending night with-difficult child tonight girls sleepover night so it'll be easy tmrw. to go early before the germy ppl show up.
  5. DDD

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    Whether you intended to our not...your posts made me :bigsmile:. Here's hoping the "germy people" are not early birds. DDD
  6. Jena

    Jena New Member

    lol you know me with my sick humor!!! good news i threw down 3 prevacid a little more pepto and a tums and just ate the best sandwich i've probably ever had!! :) i was so hungry ppl in cafeteria were umm very interesting lol

    i'm ready with next set of pills planning on a big breakfast! :)
  7. HaoZi

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    Doesn't any ER always have germy people in it?
  8. susiestar

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    First of all, I am pretty sure the directions on the prevacid don't say to take 3. ONLY take what the package says you can. Pharmacists are NOT doctors and their advice should NOT be taken as a substitute for docs regardless of how great it made you feel or made that sandwich taste. LOTS of things can cause your chest to hurt. LOTS AND LOTS. Jess and I both have costochondritis which is spasm and inflammation in the cartilage and connective tissue in the chest. LOTS of things can cause indigestion/heartburn.

    GET THE FRICKIN EKG. If it shows nothing - GOOD. If you ignore it and lapse into a coma or heart attack, what the H is oging to go on with difficult child seeing that her family is on the ohter side of the country??? This will leave her to go to her father who iwll NOT NOT NOT get the health care and help she needs. This may not be your heart, but heart/circulation problems can cause a LOT of what you are complaining of. NOT the common symptoms, but it is possible. Possible it is lots of other things too. How would you feel if you ended up in the hospital for a week or two and difficult child was in the other hospital and you learned if you had just gone to see a doctor when they told you to that you would have been able to treat this and stay right there and help her????? How bad are you going to beat yourself up then when you skipped the doctor for a day or two because it would take five or six hours and then you end up in the hospital for 2 weeks? You are sure going to see CPS in your life then too because the docs will have to get her dad and CPS there involved to make decisions. Not your husband, her father - will he go along or insist that she come home with him because he gets temp custody because you are in the hospital unable to deal with things? Will he let you have her back with-o a huge fight and LOTS of CPS in your life second guessing all you do for MONTHS? I am sure the docs will fight him, but will they be successful in keeping her there? Will they be able to handle her and her father?

    The staff CAN handle her for a few hours. Yes, you feel bad for her that she is in this state. But staying there bored for a day won't be the worst thign for her, will it??? Huh?? Can't hear you when you mumble. You KNOW that this has to be done, you getting some real medical help, and it really cannot wait if you want your daughter to get better. I know you want that, but you own't get it if you end up in a different hospital. You won't be in a room near her, or even the same building. She will FREAK because she cannot see you (any child would). And you own't be able to consent or deny anything because you won't be able to function either.

    I know it is scary. Strange place, kid dangerously sick, don't know anyone but the staff. WHile you are getting checked out they will have someone come do things with her. It may be quiet but she won't be forgotten. She may even sleep because sshe is bored, which would help her body heal. If she gets upset, well, they will handle it. For a few hours it will be ok. PLEASE get this checked out in the next 24 hours for difficult child's SAKE. The docs are right (and you know it) that you are in no shape to help her, not as hard as this fight is oging to be once she can start it in earnest. Bite the bullet and go get it dealt with. PLEASE!!

    Lots of hugs. Sorry Occupational Therapist (OT) be so blunt, but you seem to be ignoring the forest because the trees are pretty. yes, the OTC medication helped a lot. but you took too much and it can do really bad things, that is why it was a prescription medication and the package has clear directions (not take a handful when you feel bad - I have looked at the directions and they DO NOT say that, do they? I didn't think so. )

    Love you, take care of yourself and difficult child - not just difficult child. ((((((((((hugs))))))))))
  9. Andy

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    Get this checked out BEFORE difficult child is discharged to the out-patient program! (If I do remember correctly that at some point she will be with you at nights?)

    Do it now!!!

    That is an order!!! Warrior moms need to be healthy!