I gotta laugh at myself.......

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    I realized tonight how funny i am.

    We are new in our neighborhood, relatively new. It's our second halloween here. We have been here since last august. So, my family is back 70 miles away. WE usually spent Halloween with them, my parents and difficult child, and my cousins' daughter who is difficult child's age. They also wound up moving far away.

    So, every year I think hmmm who will i inflict myself upon this year?? lol

    So, I basically invite myself to people's houses. yes I do, and I didn't realize until tonight how funny and pushy i can be.

    So, one of difficult child's friends lives close we have done movies together, flown kite with kids, etc. park. So, I thought ok last year I spent it with difficult child's babysitter and her entire family at the time. I did the oh what are you guys doing for halloween? She has 3 young kids and difficult child loves them and my difficult child needs to have a good time on halloween, not just trick or treat with mom.

    So, I said the same old line what are you guys doing for halloween can we trick or treat with you?? Next thing i know i'm in their dining room surrounded by their entire family after trick or treating eating dinner with them and dessert lol. :) I'm just sitting there with-a bunch of strangers shaking my head at myself. Yet difficult child was a happy camper she was sitting in corner playing monster something with-her friend.

    What must these people think of me?? They seem not to mind me eating at their house!! I wonder who I'll pick next year. Is that bad?? I don't ask to eat over it just always comes to that. Before you know it it's like oh no stay for dinner and difficult child ofcourse begs oh can we can we? so i say sure we can. It is a good way of meeting people though. :)