I guess he was really going to tell me off!

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    All in all, today started out carpy but ended up pretty good! He was amazing with his Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker and got to hang out with friends tonight and he had the cutest laugh. The kids were so nice to him even when his comments just were random and not really what they were talking about.

    But earlier in the day when he was waiting for medications to kick in....he was doing his usual name calling.

    I said just dont ever call me a son of a gun (because he says son of a b often) and so he says it over and over....and says thanks Jose (the kid who he heard it from and has said it over and over since)..... so I acted like I really hated that the most thinking he would use THAT phrase instead of the b word one.

    So he says....

    "you are a son of a gun combineded with a son of a b***h." WEEELLLLL then.
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    I'm sure he got his creativity from you (even if he IS adopted!)

    Sounds like you'll make it through the weekend at this rate...
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    ROFLMAO. That is just soooo something I can SEE him saying. Sorry I had to cut you off this morning but difficult child 1 accomplished a LOT while difficult child 2 was REALLY feeling overwhelmed and went brain dead. He needed total constant directions. LLLLLOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGG day. Hope the rest of this beautiful week-end goes great!!!
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    Oh dear. I guess he really was upset. Our kids come up with some interesting things, don't they?

    This reminds me of when my bro was about 12 and was really challenging my mom on everything. One day she looked at him while he was going on about how she would do this and she would do that and he didn't give a sh(( if she didn't like it blah blah blah.

    She looked at him and said that he was a real son of a B*tch and she was the ONLY one who could prove it and he didn't really want her to, did he? Took him a minute or so to close his mouth after his jaw hit the floor (cause our mom did NOT cuss, just did NOT) and he got real quiet and scared. Mostly because she said it in almost a whisper and when she gets quiet like that you have gone too far by a long shot and she is about to ruin your entire life. He spent the next few weeks hating life, her and really regretting pushing her that far. I learned my lesson and NEVER told my mom what she would or would not do. I ASK because she can be a scary lady.

    Anyway, Occupational Therapist (OT), but I am sorry that it didn't work to get Q to say son of a gun rather than the other.
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    my friend asked if that meant i was a bi-son.