I had a beautiful day Wednesday.....

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    then crashed. GP & I went out for a round of golf - she & I played, talked, laughed & had a wonderful time. I came home to an empty house; crashed seriously for 2 days.

    Didn't get out of bed - spent the time crying & sleeping. I expect it was such a "normal" day that I so rarely find. I'm hoping to find more normalcy in my life.

    GP is a delightful lady (I knew this before being her patient) & we talked like crazy. Homes, plants, gardening, children, & then stopped to golf. The course was almost empty because the weather report kept saying rain & t'storms. Never happened. We nearly had the course to ourselves.

    We had promised not to discuss icky stuff from either end & we didn't until the end of the game .

    GP & I sat in the parking lot barefoot (we were changing out of our golf shoes & hadn't brought our regular shoes in yet) & discussed my health. She is pushing to get me into in patient rehab as that has never been done. A pain clinic that will help me survive with the pain. She doesn't believe, knows I'm not addicted to my pain medications. She's seen me in pain & when I've taken my medications. I'm far less foggy when I take my medications - I'm not crushed by pain.

    She wants 3 months of PT, speech, Occupational Therapist (OT) & psychiatric to help me move on with my health issues.

    In the meantime, she & another colleague (who knows me well) were discussing me before GP left for the course. He suggested that we try doxycillin (sp?); there have been a lot of reports put out by the MN dept of health with reports of the rash I have along with the neuro & weakness (aside from the brain injury). He was thinking of me when he read the report & did some research. There are other insect related illnesses that I haven't been tested for & he'd like to see me have the tests but in the meantime start on this medication. Lyme disease has been rule out several times but they will do a more sensitive test along with several others.

    I'm to take this medication (which seems to help with symptoms) before the test is even taken. Can't hurt at this point.

    A beautiful day with a wonderful lady & a possible lead on my health issues.

    by the way, since she brought up icky stuff I got to lecture her on her work schedule & made her promise to take off another day this fall for a round of golf (she did). She was an architect before she went into medicine & is coming over after the living/dining room floors are complete to see how the remodel turned out.

    (I golfed a 39! - best game ever this year.)
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    Linda, she sounds awesome!

    Glad you had a good time and the docs are still looking for help for you.

    Nice game!
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    Sounds like a wonderful lady that you've made friends with. I'm glad you had such a great outing with her. It sounds like she really cares about you as a person and you aren't just another patient to her. That's wonderful to hear. The plan sounds like a good one.
  4. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    A 39?????? Wholey Arnold PALMER!!!! My best day on the putt putt course (of which I was asked to surrender my pink plastic putter and LEAVE Frankies Fun Park) ---for throwing said pink plastic putter. Was an 89. at the 6th hole. OR what was it - the windmill. :mad:

    My hats off to you......and..


    Soooooo are you GOING to PHYSICAL THERAPY????? :mad: (STERN FRIEND LOOK FROM about 1200 miles away?) lol.
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    glad to hear you had such a "typical" day. I can understand where it might have made you feel a little down afterwards though.

    Sounds like your GP is a good friend!

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    I am glad you enjoyed a day out.

    I am really glad they are going to do a trial of doxycycline. When my daughter (who has Lyme) took this, it seemed to perk her up a little bit right away. Some people who have Lyme feel worse on doxycycline at first with symptoms getting worse instead of better. Sometimes, taking antibiotics for a while before testing will make a negative test positive. That might be what your doctor is looking for.

    There is a whole controversy about Lyme Disease with two very opposing sides. Unfortunately, the science isn't very strong on either side. One of the issues is about testing with one side saying the tests are not very reliable and result in too many false negatives and one saying they are very reliable at ruling out Lyme, but that there are false positives. Another issue is about treatment with one side saying it is easily treated with 4 weeks of antibiotics and if you don't feel better, you are left with post Lyme syndrome. The other side believes the bacteria can still be present after 4 weeks of treatment and further treatment can result in symptom improvement and/or remission. Another issue is coinfections. One side believes the tick can give more than just Lyme Disease.

    You should really do your own research on this to make sure you are getting what you think is the best test and treatment. So far, you have been getting the standard, more predominant view of easily ruled out and easily treated. The other side would not rule out Lyme in you because of a test. It sounds like this new doctor is leaning at least a little towards the alternate side. A good book that will explain the whole issue is Pam Weintraub's "A Cure Unknown". She is a science writer/editor that has personally experienced the whole thing. She tried to approach her book from both viewpoints.