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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by jal, Feb 6, 2013.

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    I don't know if anyone remembers but just over 2 yrs ago we were robbed. What was found of my jewlery (none of the good stuff-only cosmetic) was found and put into evidence. The State Trooper handling our case called this am to release it to me. Now nothing great was left, except a cute necklace husband got me one xmas and a few cosmetic pieces that had sentimental value. So that was good to get that stuff back. Closure.

    This afternoon I got the most gorgeous flower arrangment of red roses and lillies delivered to me at work from a local florist. They were sent from a person that is the head of a company that reps our line of manufactured products. I helped him out of a jam and got something done for him that was urgent. What a gracious gift and what a beautiful arrangement. It was ordered from a local flower shop in my small area that did beautiful work. I live in CT and the person I assisted is from FL.

    What a nice day today came to be. Allbeit I have a nasty head cold:) And if the weather forecast is right, no one is going to work/school on Friday.
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    What a beautiful gesture! How nice that you were able to get the necklace back and have some closure! Hope your head cold is gone soon!
  3. Hound dog

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    Closure and such a sweet gesture. Sounds like not only an interesting day but a pretty good one too. :)
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    Sweeeeeeeeeeet! :)
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    Sounds like it was a wonderful day.
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    Thank you, every one of you. I appreciate it. Completely. It was a good day but previous days have been tough. My husband's (not really step father) had an epileptic seizure which resulted in hospitalization, not his first. We did this in Dec. 2010 for weeks on end. My mother in law (husband's mom) is wheelchair bound, major back surgery and failed knees. Her husband is in a coma with bleeding on the brain again.

    So husband is staying overnight at his mom's to help her. He's a good man/husband/son/father (No order can describe him). I am proud of him, even though its tough on us (cause we miss each other a lot).

    difficult child is sleeping - YEAH! and I am by myself & peaceful:)