I had high hopes...


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Yes, Jabber. They had the easy child platoons when my husband was in the Army (80's -92) as well, but they only let you go through once.

After that you were "chaptered" out.

I also don't remember them doing physical fitness tests before reporting date, either.

I wouldn't call them "Easy" or "Difficult" child platoons. Within the first week or two of Boot Camp I was put in the Physical Conditioning Platoon, or Pork Chop Platoon as many referred to it, in order to get my conditioning up to par. Literally the only training we did was physical conditioning. Once we were able to perform sufficiently on the PFT (Physical Fitness Test) we were put into a regular platoon again. It was individual progress, not platoon.

I don't remember taking the PFT before Boot Camp either but I looked up the MEPS site and they are doing it now.


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I think they are just tracking beginning fitness levels at this point.

I guess if the recruiter wants them 50 miles away, he can figure out a way to get her there...since no one wants to ride with me. Sheesh, if I had thinner skin that might hurt my feelings.

And...drum roll...she is a no show about getting taxes and fines done this morning, as we had agreed to yesterday. Go figure. It's almost funny. Most people would be glad to have help getting a tax refund and paying off their fines.

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Jabber, I mean Physical Conditioning Platoons, shouldn't have used the letters, LOL.

I know husband wasn't tested and he was on delayed enlistment. He was made to GAIN 15lbs, and then delayed further because he broke his ankle 5 days before his report date.

There was already a big problem with overweight in the services when husband enlisted and I'd assume it's even worse now. In husband's day, they had special diet and exercise platoons that were referred to as "Fat Boy Platoons".

husband's problem was that he ate an astounding amount for a small man, but was so active that he burned it all off.


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I found out why daughter won't go in to the marines in June and is waiting until the original date of October...

Because her friends are going to the lake for the 4th of July...

Sigh... Ksm.