I had hoped the "Grandma Wars" were over...

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by KTMom91, Sep 21, 2011.

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    ...but no. Hubby and I told Miss KT that we weren't sure if we could afford her plane ticket home for Thanksgiving, due to several unexpected bills, but we'd pay half. Then my mom entered the discussion, and bought the ticket. Miss KT will be home for Thanksgiving, my birthday, and (best of all) Black Friday. There's nothing like watching crazy people fight at 4 am in the Target electronic department.

    Next month, the college has a mid-semester break, about a week long, and Miss KT decided she wanted to come home. OK...she said she would take the train, it was only $90, and could I pick her up at the station? No problem. I was pleased she had found a reasonable solution all by herself.

    Enter Useless Boy's mother. Oh, no, not the train...I'll pay for your plane ticket. Swell...except that requires ME to go by Grandma's (and she HATES me), listen to her babble for half an hour or so, watch her search for the checkbook, go to Miss KT's bank, and stand in line to make the deposit. When I got to Grandma's yesterday, UB's truck was in front. Yay...not only do I have to make nice with my former mother in law, I have to make nice with my former husband. Fortunately, no one answered the door. UB brought the check by the house on his way home...I feel like I dodged a bullet. Anything my mom does for Miss KT, Grandma has to one-up.

    If I'd offered to pay for something for my child (or grandchild), and money was no object (it's not - Grandma's loaded), I would kick in a little extra. For example, if the plane ticket was $239.40, I would say, "OK, here's $250, get a sandwich on the plane." Grandma, however, made the check out for the EXACT amount. Am I unreasonable for thinking Grandma is stingy?
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    So will Miss KT inherit? Because that is about the only good thing about being stingy like that.

    Gma is an enabler, too... Obviously... Ugh!!!
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    Unless Grandma has changed her will, Miss KT will get a third of the estate, with two-thirds going to Useless Boy. I just hope Grandma is as organized as Grand-dad was; it's because of his generosity that Miss KT has the educational trust. I don't want to have to fight UB tooth and nail, but I will to protect my daughter's rights. I don't trust UB, especially after he cashed in Miss KT's college fund that we had started after she was born, and kept it for himself. She got no benefit. I was ready to hurt him. Bad.