I HATE dealing with the phone company

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Dec 4, 2008.

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    We have land line and internet throuhg the local phone co. Local problems are handled by Jess' bff's dad and he is awesome. But billing problems are a PITA.

    I have spent a total of 35 mins on hold trying to figure out what they ahve done to our internet service (email all messed up but still have access to the internet).

    I call, I wait, I get someone who says it is all fixed, but yet I can tell it isn't. So they transfer me and I wait.

    With THE most ANNOYING muzak played 50% louder than the people talk so that it deafens you when it first pops on.

    Then the person finally comes on and tells me "You aren't paying for internet at all - havent been billed for it for 4 months."

    WHAT THE?????

    20 minutes later she bothers to look at the bill again and says, Oh, you have a package - it is billed under that. Sorry.

    THEN they have to transfer me because we somehow have ebill statements and we cannot log into them. The id we have doesn't work (and never has). The password doesn't exist, as far as they can see.

    So now, after forever on hold and a sales spiel where they try to sell me a package with less features for more $$ (the girl DID have the stones to apologize when I told her to look at hwat we already are under contract for - it is cheaper.), well, NO ONE can help with the ebill problem.

    So a special team will call me back. Of COURSE they want the customer code on top of the bill to talk to us, so can I just look that up.

    Um, no? Part of the rates we got included ebill (save $10 per month to get that - seems it may be worth the $10 to go back to real bills) so I don't have the customer # because it is only ON THE BILL that I CAN"T ACCESS.

    Anyway, done ranting. I have enough to be thankful for today with Jess doing better. I will just ignore the email until later.

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    I can rant right along with you right at the moment. I probably should though as I might explode momentarily.

    Again hugs.

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    Hi Susie! Tell them that you want an answer on this within 48 hours or you're going to file an executive complaint and a complaint with the FCC. Also, considering that you've not been billed for the first 4 mos. you anticipate that they will do something to repay you for your time and patience in this matter.

    Oh yeah, did I mention I worked in the telecommunications industry for 15 years? Handling executive complaints? Hee, hee, hee!!!

    Good luck - and keep in mind that this is what happens when they build the bundles, force them out to retain market share and THEN figure out that they don't know how to bill it!

  4. susiestar

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    Oh, Beth, we WERE billed, it was just that this chicklet didn't know how to read a statement.

    But we can't get into the online billing. I will def use what you say about the 48 hours and exec complaint. I may jsut make the exec complaint. I had to do this awhile back when they cut our buried phone line running a DSL line to a neighbor. It was 6 WEEKS before we had phone service to our landline. They even accused US of cutting it. Yeah, I went to the neighbor 3 houses away and cut the phone line that is buried underground. Sure.

    I figure it will take at least another week to fix this. I am going to transfer my email to a free yahoo account, so I am never dependent on them again.

    Thank you for the advice Beth!