I Hate It When I'm Right

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Hound dog, Sep 17, 2009.

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    Remember last Feb or so when I posted about easy child's mother in law coming up with some off the wall plan for easy child and sister in law to move into her house, sell their house, so the mother in law could buy a new one?? I'd told easy child it was a bad idea from the get go, worried she was going to get reamed a good one and told her so. Did tell her that no matter what the agreement to NOT give up title to her house to her mother in law.

    Thank God easy child listens to her mother, usually. She went ahead with the move remember to please her husband who wants desperately to please his mother. (which will never happen)

    Now here's the crazy mixed up part. easy child was making the house payment on mother in law's old house she and her husband moved into, while the mother in law was supposed to be making easy child's house payment and the payment for mother in law's expensive new house. Fortunately easy child listened to me again and nixed this.....made her own house payment and gave mother in law the difference instead as rent. I had her do this cuz I was afraid her mother in law wouldn't make easy child's house payment (think female version only worse, of my husband).

    So, of course in this market and job situation, easy child's house didn't sell. Her mother in law rented the house finally. Only turned out the renters didn't make even one rent payment and so they were evicted 2 months later. The house has stood empty for months. Which means her mother in law is having to foot the bill for 2 houses. Now I have to laugh as her mother in law can't afford the payment for one house......good thing I had easy child making her own house payment.

    Now that you're completely confused..........LOL

    easy child's mother in law calls today and tells sister in law that she needs sister in law and his brother each to sell their houses. Seems sils brother wants to buy mother in law's house and live there. And of course this leaves sister in law and easy child out in the cold. I know it's mixed up but you have to understand this woman's logic..........

    easy child tromped on it with Mom's words ringing in her ears. She's furious and told sister in law no way in hades are they gonna do that. In the first place they aren't in a position where they can buy a new house yet. (that student loan they co-signed for isn't paid yet)

    So easy child shot back with her own Deal. She gave her mother in law a choice: 1. sister in law's bro tries to sell his house. (good luck buster, I've seen it) And mother in law gives them a year to get out from under the loan they co-signed for before making them move. Or ....... 2. easy child and sister in law move back into the home they own, mother in law gives back all the brand new appliances she talked the kids into giving her and they have no more to do with her at all.

    easy child is leaning heavily toward number 2. Actually, I think she's already made up her mind. :D LOL

    She is so furious and hurt, though, that I wish my prediction hadn't come to pass. sister in law's Mom favors her other boys over sister in law and always has. The boy is the only decent kid she has......and she's too stupid to see it, doesn't appreciate him at all and treats him like dung under her shoe. She's a spoiled brat who's parents always gave her her way.......and still hand her money to constantly bail her out of the financial trouble she gets herself into. Selfish witch.:mad:

    easy child had almost backed out of moving into her mother in law's house cuz her instincts were telling her not too. Now she wishes she'd listened to them and to me. Poor sister in law......he only wanted to please his Mom.......and he's stuck in the middle with 2 furious women. Unfortunately for him......easy child will win. She's her mother's daughter.:tongue:

    I think these 2 kids are gonna learn all of life's lessons the hard way.
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    I'm glad that easy child is standing her ground at this point> And I hope her husband will back her to the hilt with implementing plan 2! Get back appliances that easy child and sister in law paid for (did I get that right???!!!!) and move back into THEIR home. Let the mother in law and her other sons figure out THEIR housing arrangments. And let easy child and sister in law get on with their lives. In their own home. Living their lives. And investing nothing into the lives of others (financially).
    This mother in law sounds truly difficult child. Very sad that sister in law and your easy child are suckered into her web of narcicissm.
    Sometimes beign right feels so wrong doesn't it?? They live and learn. I'm glad they are assertive enough at this point to say Uhh .. NOOO!!!!
  3. Hound dog

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    Yep, easy child and sister in law paid for those new appliances, nor were they cheap.

    And I just got off the phone with easy child and she said they're going with plan 2 and sister in law is backing her up. mother in law is not a happy camper, and easy child refuses to speak with her at this point because she doesn't want to say something in a fit of anger that she can't take back later.

    Her mother in law is a mega difficult child......oh, yeah. lol

    Unfortunately........I was wrong about their house being empty. The renters haven't moved under the eviction notice, so now it has to go thru the courts. That can take awhile.

    But at least easy child and sister in law have made up their minds and will be prepared once the house is empty to move back into it.:D

    I just wish sister in law didn't have to learn these things the hard way. He's gotten used to how our family works together and shares the benefits. I think it made him forget temporarily how his Mother manipulates their family and has the "it's all about me" syndrome.
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    I hope they learn from this.

    easy child needs to tell sister in law that any more 'deals' like this and she will refuse to see the inlaws or let the kids see them. at that point sister in law will probably refuse to have much to do with them also. It may be a big relief to him.

    It will still hurt. When i stopped pushing husband to have the family contact his mother at Christmas, at least a phone call, he became much more relaxed. some mother in law's just are not as wonderful as you are!

    I hope they get the squatters out soon. At least the new appliances were not there to be destroyed/stolen. i hope the old appliances are not stolen.

    Hugs, it is HARD to see your kids go through this!

    At least when my mom's whacked out plan to let my brother 'use' my washer and dryer and vacuum while we lived with her ended sort of well. He didn't hook up the washer because he had one. He did use my washer as a workbench and destroyed the surface on the lid. The dryer was toast. the inside was COVERED in grease from clothes he rinsed instead of using soap on. The entire inside was covered in nicks and gouges from chains and parts he left in pockets. The vacuum cleaner just died, like every vacuum he ever uses. (He has destroyed at least one of every brand, including Kirby and rainbow!!)

    So my dad, who did NOT want my mom to let my bro "use" my appliances, bought us brand new ones. Anything we wanted. Doesn't sound like mother in law or father in law is willing to do that. poor easy child. It is so HARD when you learn this stuff the hard way.
  5. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    wait.....wha/ where are the new appliances?? I got it all but that. lol.
  6. Hound dog

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    Don't worry Star......it's not you, the whole thing is hard to explain as it's as twisted a mess as sister in law's Mom's brain. lol

    When it was decided that easy child and sister in law would move into his mother's house so his mother could afford to buy herself a brand new house....in the process renting/selling easy child's house.....mother in law told the kids that she didn't want to rent their house with the new appliances the kids had just bought in it. She didn't take along her old appliances from her old house with the excuse they wouldn't fit in the kitchen of her new house. But of course the new ones of the kids most certainly would.

    So kids handed over their brand new expensive appliances to sister in law's Mom when they moved into her old house. And are using her old ones she left behind.

    Clearer?? LOL

    At some point this afternoon the woman tried to come up with yet another plan. In other words, a different way of wording the original plan to make it sound better. sister in law said no way. I think he's getting his Mom's number afterall. :)
  7. flutterby

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    I hope the current renters don't trash the place before they leave. What a nightmare this has turned out to be.
  8. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    I don't think they will Heather. easy child's house is less than a half a block away from me right down the alley. I've seen this family (renters) come and go all summer. They're just down on their luck big time. I think the husband lost his job right after they moved in and hasn't found anything to replace it. They walk everywhere, including the grocery store or down to the food pantry, with their 4 little kids in tow. Nice people, I've spoken to them as they pass by my house alot.

    They haven't moved simply because they haven't anywhere to go. Our shelter is full and the churches that would normally help are maxed out beyond their limits already. Makes both me and easy child feel bad they have to evict them, but not really any choice there. At least the court way of eviction takes long enough they have a small chance to find somewhere to stay.

    easy child is not going to seek that back payment of rent from them at this point after they leave. And her mother in law can't as it's easy child and sister in law's house.

    We've soooo many families here in that same position. :(