"I hate this semester already!"

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    Just got a call from Miss KT. This is the second week of the semester, and she's already struggling. She's taking courses towards graduation, not the child development ones she enjoyed last semester, and because she's not interested about the topics, she's confused.

    She has an Intro to Business class (which I suggested, because she wants to own her own day care, and because this teacher is beyond awesome...I took classes from him in high school, City College, and Fresno State, and I know he takes time with his students) and she's failed the first two quizzes. Her film class is stupid. Weather/Climate has a two hour lab. But the worst is the Child Development class that was presented as a six week intro to being CPR certified. It's not. She says the room is dusty and dirty, people are coughing and sneezing, and she doesn't trust that they really sanitize the plastic people they're practicing on. Then, after this class, she has to go to the Red Cross for certification, instead of the instructor bringing someone in to certify them. Her schedule is all over the place, with several hours between classes some days, and she hates waiting around. Of course, the fact that it's pouring rain, and has been all day, isn't helping. At least she has my umbrella.

    On the plus side, she decided NOT to just come home, but is making an appointment with her business teacher to ask for help, and plans to talk to a professor she had last semester to see if there's room in one of her Sociology classes, so she can drop the Child Development one, and still be full time. She's pleased that she has a plan. Fingers crossed that the plan comes together.
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    College is hard. Some classes, and profs, are hateful. It is the first time you have to navigate the world as an adult where people treat you sort of like an adult. More than in high school. You also have to learn that you still have to do the work if you don't like the teacher/boss.

    One thing that MAY help motivate her is to tell her that if she goes below full time status she loses insurance and will have to pay cobra out of her own pocket. ALL of it. Even if you plan to bail her out on this, let her at least for now think she will have to pay it. It will probably several hundred dollars a month (your HR person should know the exact amount). It kept me in class for some really REALLY boring classes.

    For next semester she may want to look into a study skills class. I took one designed for jocks but taught out of the education college. We spent an entire semester learning how to study. It was an elective and a very easy A. I only got a B in it because the attendance. I was suffering from extreme migraines that semester and even with documentation of every absence the dean still said my grade had to be a B. I had scored 100% on every test and exam except the final. I got a 98% on that because I had a migraine at the time. It really was easy and it had a long term effect. My later grades were very good because I knew HOW to study. I didn't need to in high school and I had a really hard time in college because I had no clue how to study effectively.

    For example, I was on a lot of medication at the time (had these health issues even then). I would try to be off of them for the test so I could "think clearly" even though I was on the medications when I studied. Knowledge of how memory and the brain function says that actually I should be taking the medications during testing if I was taking them when I studied. Medications CAN change how things are stored in memory. It isn't as simple as if you learn it then you can recall it. Things can affect HOW it is stored in memory and if those things change then you are less able to recall it.

    My parents still laugh at this thought. Or they did until my mom started taking medications for ADHD. Things she knows but learned while on the medications are just not there in her brain if the medications have worn off. She thinks it is just because her brain is foggy when not on the medications. But it is clear that she truly cannot recall them with-o the medications. Not even with the memory tricks that got her through three college degrees.

    So there is a LOT to learn about how to learn. Maybe a class like this would help her with the boring classes. I know it helped me.

    I hope the plan works well for her. It is always good to have a plan.
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    Waiting around????

    O no, no no! If she has several hours between classes that means she has time to STUDY...time to meet with teachers for extra help....and time to clarify anything that she is confused about.

    Extra time is an opportunity...not something to be re-scheduled. I hope you can convince her to make the most of this semester!

    Good luck!

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    Hmmm...if I may say so....this doesn't sound all bad.

    She doesn't like it...I get that, for sure. But she's making a plan to deal. That sounds pretty good to me!
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    Her plan came together! The one she came up with, all by herself!

    She's currently taking 13 units, and I told her, no matter what, you CANNOT drop below 12. You MUST be full-time. So, she found an online word processing class for 1 unit, and dropped the 2 unit class that she hated. 13 - 2 + 1 = 12. And she's thrilled.

    I'm so happy when I see the glimmers of adulthood!:beautifulthing:
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    Woo hoo! She's growing up!

    First year of college is always stressful. Such a huge change from high school.
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    SOunds great! Go to the library, find a study group, all of the things Susie said!
    I wish I was medicated and a little smart when I struggled through college.
    A&P 2x is not fun. Believe me.
    Even if she brings a book for when she is on overload just to let her mind drift for a bit, anything to get her through this.
    I am keeping my fingers crossed that she can see that distant light at the end of the tunnel. One day!
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    It sounds like she is taking responsibility and trying to cope with the challenges. That is positive!

    I agree that freshman year can be tough. :anxious: My daughter (now a grad) made it through but it wasn't easy.

    Hopefully, next semester, your daughter can get in classes that are scheduled closer together.
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    Sounds like a good plan -- Fingers crossed :)