I hate walking on egg shells!!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Kjs, Jun 26, 2007.

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    Just when things really seem to have been on an upswing, I let my guard down. Wrong thing to do. I hate walking on egg shells wondering when or what will set him off. Had a couple good weeks. Funny, now a days you can get chewed out ONLINE.
    Name calling, totally said awful things. He has been getting very thin lately. Thinks he is fat and doesn't want to eat anything. He refuses to go to the pool because he will have to take his shirt off, and he says he is to fat for that. It is over 90 degrees, he has a season pass, but I am ...well you don't want to know what he said to me. Not only that, I thought he was getting along with others really good lately. Talking nice about people, laughing with them and not at them. Thought it was better. I hate how difficult child's can change in an instant. One second he loves me, next second I am the worst enemy. Well, I guess it is good He did this today and not tomorrow. Because tomorrow AM is psychiatrist appointment.
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    Kjs, his issues with feeling fat have to do with anxiety. As we advised you before, you need to talk to his psychiatrist about this issue. This is not something you should take lightly.
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    Deep breaths, sweetie.

    Good thing you have psychiatrist appointment tomorrow, you will want to address it.

    Do not take his attacks personally. You will worry yourself right back into depression. And you have come so far!

    Hang in there, baby...
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    We tried addressing his anxiety and it totally put him off the deep end. It scares me now to mess with his medications. Oh DARN. I thought tomorrow was Thursday. It is not!! psychiatrist is on Thursday. That is a bummer. I thought I was off work for the week. Being it is only Tuesday, I must come back tonight.
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    The fat issue, he needs help. Seriously. I don't ever put on a bathing suit. I weigh 102.8 Never, get him help. For a teenager, you need to do this for him. The only thing I can come up with is ,"shame". If this is how he feels, please no one wants to be feling that. Plus think of the health issues-not now, but in the long run. Later, he will thank you. This is the only topic I can address with the knowledge of someone who has been there.-Alyssa
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    I would take him for help regarding a possible eating disorder. My sister had one, and still does (she never real outgrew it, but at least she is eating a little these days). in my opinion it goes beyond just anxiety and needs addressing on it's own, as a separate issue.