I have another decorating job!!!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by TPaul, Oct 14, 2009.

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    Hey everyone,
    I am excited because I have another decorating job starting tomorrow. I have began my own home staging and decorating job recently and am working on building it up. Just in the beginning stages but slowly and surely it is beginning to build steam.

    About a month ago a good customer at our Antiques shop, where I work part time doing the staging and decorating for the owner, as me to come and stage and decorate their large pharmacy. They have half that is a mini museum - display for vintage pharmacy related items and also items from local farmers and ranchers - this being mainly cowboy hats!! 175 + of them. It surely was a challenge but I did my best and they really liked it. Took about 3 days of staging and decorating work, but people really liked it when they came in while I was working. They have had nothing but good comments from those in the community.

    Anyhow, the lady called my Monday and wants me to come and work on her lake house. Also she asked me if I would be interested in decorating the pharmacy for the holidays and she is hosting her bridge party at her home in December and wants me to do all the holiday decorating at for her home also. I am so excited!!! I go tommorrow to start on the lake home and will have several days work on it, so I might not be on the board quite as much for a few days.

    Just had to brag, LOL LOL!!!!
    T. Paul
    I Decorate!!
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Sounds like a couple of great opportunities! My aunt lived in Guthrie and she staged the window of a downtown office for a bluegrass group where she volunteered her time. She really enjoyed doing that! I can't even stage a preschool play, let alone a shop window! You should post some pics online when you're finished!
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    That's terrific! DDD
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    I have a degree in art and have thought about trying to start a similar business but I haven't a clue how to go about what to charge and how to get the first couple of jobs. -RM
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    How wonderful! Congratulations.
  6. TPaul

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    Thanks everyone,
    I am looking forward to the jobs with my customer. Decorating is one way I can step out of the daily situations at home and get lost in being creative. It is like everything else for a short time just fades into the background as I emerse myself in what I love doing. I call it my decorating therapy, LOL LOL!!

    I have a new digital camera on the way in the mail and I will try to get some picture post on the net somewhere to share.

    Was worried last night. I take one of my pain medications about 6 pm, but took it about 5 while at the antiques shop, because I was supposed to deliver several pieces of furniture after the store closed. It started raining and I had to wait on those. Got home and got busy getting the house hold cleaning and straightening going. Was not thinking and took another pain pill, Oxyc. and then realized I had already taken it. I got so sick, nothing would stay on my stomach, yuck, you get the drift. Glad it was better this morning.

    Got to run