I Have Been Blocked and Cannot Post


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I've alerted the administrator. It should be taken care of shortly. I'm sorry you've had to deal with this........hang in there. I've missed you!


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I'm confused. How did you write the above post saying that you couldn't post? Maybe you changed your name slightly...with the asterisk???? This happened to me once. Glad RE is contacting the administrator. I too have missed your posts, Cedar. For some weird reason, I felt a little strange on Easter. I feel odd about this, because it was a very good day. difficult child acted a little peculiar, but was (by and large) appropriate. I had people over and all that were in attendance know of her ways. I do make sure of this. She left early. She tends to this. I guess I always secretly hoped she would "outgrow" certain things. Geez....what the heck is wrong with me?????? I know I must be content with the simple things and usually I am. I'll straighten my thinking out. Nothing a hot chocolate can't begin to heal. Looking forward to seeing your posts!!!! :)


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My guess is that a security/cdn service that we use called cloudflare triggered a false positive for spam and displayed one of their "prove you're a human" or blocked bot detection pages when you tried to make a previous post.

Since you were able to post this thread it was probably just a glitch. This same thing happened to Donna last week.

Please let me know if this happens again and if you could let me know what the error or message that you're seeing says it would help me track down exactly where the problem is coming from.

Sorry for the trouble.


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Seems like the cloudflare firewall is coming up with false positives. Probably related to the spam swarm last week. I've made a few changes to the settings to make it less sensitive. Please let me know if this happens again.

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Like COM, I had been getting error messages telling me I had been blocked for the past week or so. The messages did not require me to key in a series of letters or numbers to validate that I was human. Yesterday, I completed a post and lost it to that "You have been blocked". I wrote it again, and again lost parts of it. I disregarded the error messages, as I had been doing for some time. When the post was finished, I was not allowed to send it. I learned then that nothing had been saved any of the times I had been blocked and had started over.

That was something different.

It looked to me like whoever had been sending those messages meant it, this time.


Convinced I had been booted off the site for crimes unmentionable (since no one mentioned them to me), I felt terrible.

I was too sad, about that.


I was like, "WHAT?!? They can't do this to me!" That was when, like Quasimodo making the bells peal so everyone would know what happened, I made the post you saw yesterday.

And it posted.


This morning, I have been happily posting away, so grateful for this site and for every one of us who posts here.

Thank you, Runaway Bunny and Recovering Enabler. Given that I thought I'd been blocked? Your timely responses helped quiet that guilty little voice that had been assuring me, with great conviction, that whether I knew what it was or not, I had done wrong enough to lose what I had.

Interestingly...this is the same way it felt to acknowledge that my family had somehow fallen off the tracks.

There too, I did not know what I had done wrong. Like so many of us here on the site, I would devote my life to trying to fix it, to figuring out what happened. Though I was never to know where I went wrong with my kids...there was Recovering, here on the site, telling me it was not intentional and that I'd been missed.

And then, Runaway Bunny with an explanation that told me it was nothing personal.

I had not been judged and found wanting.

I was not being punished or ostracized.

Ultimately, what this experience has done is to give me a peek into the workings of the self-accusation (and self-condemnation) that found me fixating and then, self destructing, over what happened to my kids. I am posting the how and why of the experience because what I am learning here is that, just as I was not judged, targeted and blocked from the site...I may not have done anything wrong in parenting my children, either.

Which takes me back to the theory of detachment, and how, when our kids take a wrong path and helping them straighten out becomes the habitual rescuing of enabling...we come to blame ourselves. How that dynamic works, I mean.

Like we do here where our troubled kids are concerned, I worked from the result. (BLOCKED OH NO I'VE BEEN BLOCKED WHAT DID I DO AND HOW DO I FIX IT.)

Given the result, what I had believed to be true (about my interactions here on the site, about family of origin issues, about what happened to my children) seemed not to have been true.

How is it that I did not see this coming shakes our faith in ourselves, in our capacity to judge a situation accurately.

We failed, and never even had a clue saw it coming.

It has been an interesting thing, to trace those responses.

Equally interesting is that, as happens so often to us here, events in my real life just lately have included strange coincidences and weird, unexpected endings.

Theme words for the healing of this time:

Legitimacy: Did I see what I thought I saw, or did I miss something really important and what is the matter with my perceptors, that I did not see this coming?


Integrity: How do I rebuild the who I thought I was but must not be or have been? What is integrity composed of? How did I not see this coming?

What is the matter with my perceptors?

It would be like you were walking down the street and suddenly sprung a leak of vital fluid.

So, that is how we stumble into self condemnation where our children (or our families of origin) are concerned.

Something doesn't fit, and we take responsibility for it.

But it never was anything personal; it never had anything to do with our actions, with anything we did or could have exerted any control over, at all.

Computer glitch.


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As I completed this post, I was blocked again. The error message just says I am blocked from CD. There is no error number given, but it does say: Error.

I went out of the CD site and came back. Everything I had written prior to the appearance of the error message was saved. Any changes made after the initial error message were not saved.

I posted, and it went.

Though I have been blocked, again?

I no longer feel targeted and blah, blah, blah.

In fact?

I still feel most excellently part of the magic we make, here.



P.S. Could it be somehow related to the time we take to create the post?
The error messages did not occur until I had been here, typing away, for some time.


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Cedar, hugs to you and blessings. I would hope and pray that if I ever got really blocked by a person on this site they would tell me first and give me a chance to make things right.

Why do we take things so personally, even when it has nothing to do with us? That is a major lesson that Al-Anon alerted me to---I took so many things personally that were never about me at all.

It was once put to me as this: center-of-the-universe thinking. Now I sure didn't like that characterization and it was even hard to hear.

Perhaps it is about my lack of self-esteem over the years. I finally saw that once I started recovering.

I must admit I wracked my own brain trying to think of what in the world I may have said that caused me to be blocked. I thought maybe I must have talked about my Christian faith too much.

Lol. It's not about me. It's just a computer malfunction. :)


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Sorry for all the trouble. Based upon your description I believe I've figured out what the problem is.

A little over a week ago we were swarmed by spammers posting garbage all over the forums. This happened a few times over a few days. In an effort to stop the spammers I tweaked some of cloudflare's security settings and then enabled Cloudflare's browser integrity check.

Some of the isolated incidences may have been random false positives but if you were repeatedly having this problem then your browser may be infected by malware which was detected and blocked by cloudflare.

I disabled the browser integrity check so if that if that was the source of these issues then this should resolve it.

I strongly suggest that anyone that experienced this problem scan their computer for malware. Here are some free scans:

Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool
Malwarebytes - Free
Trend Micro Housecall

This seems like the most likely explanation, but I may be wrong. Please let me know if it happens again.
Seems to be working now. I know I don't post much but I read a lot. I don't know what I would do without all of your words of wisdom. I will post an update soon. It has been tough but I am staying strong

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Anyone who's concerned - don't worry, our mods are awesome and will let us know if we are being REALLY bad. Unless you're brand new and posting spam after spam and hateful posts, you'll get a warning. Heck, they probably did, too.

I don't post a lot anymore, as my biggest difficult child is in prison and has been out of my home for over a year now. But I do read and comment!


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I had a problem too Cedar. Yesterday and earlier today every time I tried to log on from my iPhone I kept getting a message saying "Network Error - Try Again". I figured it was some glitch and I'm glad to be able to get back in. I was getting worried there for a bit! lol

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Something doesn't fit, and we take responsibility for it.
But it never was anything personal; it never had anything to do with our actions, with anything we did or could have exerted any control over, at all.
Computer glitch.

I read your post three times and each time got more out of the connections you were making. Nodded my head a lot, too. Thanks.

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I will post an update soon. It has been tough but I am staying strong

I am happy you are planning a post for us, CaMom. Posting helps us to figure out how we feel about where we are...but receiving response opens so many pages we could not see, and moves us forward in ways we did not know existed prior to receiving response.

Each of us learns from the things she reads, and from the things she posts to others.

I am glad you are here, reading along, and look forward to your post.