I have had it with husband's difficult child brother !

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    WHINE ... WHINE ... WHINE .... I have had it with husband's difficult child brother! We own a business together and believe me it is such a hardship. I know from experience how hard it is to work with family, He has such narcissistic behaviors it is sickening ! He has stated on MANY occasions that he does not make mistakes !!! Can you imagine that? I guess is he not human ( I haved questioned if he belongs on another planet many a day, lol) I tossed and turned all night last night over his holier than thou attitude. The sad part is his difficult child daughter is working with us now also. She is unpleasant, rude, unprofessional, wears very revealing clothing, she is sloppy, has no drive etc, etc. He thinks she is going to run Corporate America any minute now. She is constantly on the internet and texting. Heaven forbid if you say anything to her. He thinks she walks on water also ! His wife strokes them both of how great they are which is nauseating .... I wish we thought going into business together a little longer. :(
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    I watched an episode of Kitchen Nightmares (or whatever it's called) and Gordon Ramsay was somewhere up in the frozen north trying to rescue a seafood restaurant that was right on the waters edge (or ice - it WAS winter) and serving bad frozen food. Three friends had gone into partnership, hired the "I've had 40 years experience in the industry!" father of one of them, paying the old guy $100,000 to keep the kitchen working, and it was a disaster. So they hired a new head chef, moved the old guy to front of house as manager and it was still a mess, because the old guy would socialise with the customers and drink ouzo all night, but not do anything functional. He would allow no changed, he ordered bulk supplies of poor quality ingredients (such as tins of fake frozen crab) and not allow the head chef to change the menu. The head chef had no authority, so the kitchen staff disrespected him and wouldn't work well for him. The old guy was drawing huge pay while the partners were not only not getting paid, they were putting in more of their own money. And nobody could say who was responsible for what.

    I really thought this one would fail. But it didn't. However, the first thing that had to happen, was Dad had to take a 50% cut in pay and also in duties. Later the show said they finally fired him - from what I saw, the guy just wanted the fun and really couldn't handle the responsibility; possibly early Alzheimer's. Sad.

    But whatever the reason, if you can't sideline this guy or buy him out, you need to leave. If he's in sufficient control to get Princess brought in on staff, then you have too little control and you will lose money on this. And friends. And good relationship with family.

    Get out now, before you lose more.

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    My sympathies. I wouldn't want to work in a family business. There are always hard feelings.
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    The strangest part of the story is that the business does very well. It is quite successful thanks to ALL of us. difficult child bro thinks it is all because of him ( He also thinks he is the hottest man on earth) You would think that with a thriving business he would back down a little. I am not going to lose anymore sleep over this. husband, kids and I are leaving for vacation tomorrow and I hope a little time away from the "difficult child family" will do us ALL some good !