I Have Had It!!!!

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by AmyH, Apr 22, 2008.

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    The school just revised difficult child's 504. They initally had 1) peer buddy 2) daily agenda. Well, now they have taken those off and deciede they will email me once a week and notify me of missing work. This is such BS! I have fought with this school since last year. difficult child is not the typical learner and the school can't handle that. Now they have given up and he knows this so he has to. There are 25 school days left and I am seriously thinking about asking the psychiatrist tomorrow if she will recommend a home tutor. He has been bullied all year, his teachers have called him names and is barly passing to top it all off. I am just so mad right now!
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    Hey, Amy! Sorry it has gotten to this point. I think you need to figure out a way to get him on an IEP. You may have tried that already but I would be interested in advice from Sheila and Martie to see what you might need to "force the school's hand" into getting him qualified for the iep so he can have some legal protection. Have you ever had neuropsychologist testing done on him? Will psychiatrist recommend an IEP in a letter that lists his diagnosis and how this and/or medications can cause XXX problems (whatever problems he is exhibiting) that is interfering with his learning?
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    Actually, after trying since last year they tested him yesterday. I sent a certified letter to the school psy and she jumped right on board. She is wonderful and feels that we can do much more to help difficult child, but the school site itself is my problem. When they found out I went above their head they started treating difficult child as a behavioral problem. He has never been defient at school. They changed the 504 yesterday and all of this in spite of the fact that the testing is not complete yet. I will not go for less than an IEP at this meeting, whenever they schedule it. We go back to psychiatrist tomorrow and I am going to ask what to do. This is just not a good situation for him right now.
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    So much for 504s.....

    The school district has 60 days from receipt of your request to complete the evaluation process (unless your State regs state differently).

    Under 504, your difficult child is entitled to "related services." Homebound is an option, however, school would probably be out before you win this battle.

    Be sure and keep records of all discipline referrals, telephone conversations, etc. They'll may come in handy later.
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    Sorry this is happening...I face challenges too and I just don't understand how they can do this...hang in there