I have no more babies, only toddlers and kids.

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    Today we celebrated McKenzie's birthday though it was really yesterday and today is actually Mikey's birthday. She turned 1 and he turned 3. I have no more babies! Cory swears he isnt done though and he will go until I get my Scott...lol.

    We had a really good time and Cory was in his glory cooking for everyone looking so grown up. Everyone kept telling us what a great son we had and how proud we must be of him. What a change from just 10 years ago. You could see the glances between Cory and me how funny this all seemed. Evidently Cory has become something of a leader of a crew on his new job and he must tell the people under him to "get it right" a lot because they have taken to calling him Get Right instead of simply Cory. When they told me that I laughingly said "you should have heard some of the things I have called him!"...everyone busted out laughing.

    Everyone raved about how well Cory BBQ'd the boston butts. They just melted in your mouth. Mandy's father's wife made potato salad to have with it and Mandy's mother brought baked beans. We had cake. I got some good pics of kenzie eating the mash it cake. Cory is holding her on his lap. The pics arent that great though because I only had my cell phone as Billy was at work and I was afraid to use his professional camera without him there. The lighting in their kitchen isnt very good. I can see them though, thats all that counts.

    Maybe as the years get older we can do the kids birthdays together but we simply couldnt move this first birthday up to VA and have all Mandy's people miss this important milestone. We did invite Jamie to come on down here to have Mikey's 3rd here with Kenzie. That would have been just fine but they didnt want to do that.

    I will post a couple of the pics as soon as I can. She is getting so cute. She definitely got hair from my side of the family. She is going to have fairly straight hair with just a little body to it. No kinky curlys. By this age Keyana was pure nappy headed. Kenzie also has hair the same shade as Jamie's. I tease Mandy that she snuck off with Jamie...lmao. Kenzie is also just about the size of a 9 month old baby. She is just now fitting into 9 month old clothes. She weighs about 18/19 pounds and is about 28 inches tall. But lord she is now running. And into everything! She reminds me a whole lot of Jamie. She can climb into and out of her walker. I have Keyana's old little climbing slide and toy thing we had inside and then outside. I am going to wash it off real well and then put it together and bring it back inside. It will about fill up the living room but oh well. Its one of those big plastic playhouse type things.
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    Well, don't feel bad. I don't have any more babies either. I keep telling both girls we need another granddaughter but so far no one is pay any attention to me. LOL

    Now that Oliver is past his first birthday, Nichole is opting out of the huge family parties. Honestly.........with as many grandchildren as there are........and as big as the families are, it's a royal pain and not a cheap affair. I didn't do huge family affairs when the kids were young. I didn't even do but maybe one fancy party for each of them. The rest were just throw together parties with cake and the neighborhood kids over to eat and play some games. No decor or whatnot. They didn't even have to bring a gift. (which was good because in some of the neighborhoods the kids would not be able to) That's sort of what Nichole wants to do from here on out. The kids had a blast doing it that way. I dunno what easy child plans to do. Her in laws seem to still be caught up in this huge affair.......so she might keep at it.

    I didn't do it because all my family was much too far away and Fred's parents came to first bdays (which were special) but parties were just too much for them. So we celebrated at home, then we'd go to mother in law's and she'd get to give the kids her presents separate. My kids never thought a thing about it because it had always been done that way.

    I sort of hope easy child goes that route soon. I'm not a party person. I like it when they're little........but after say age 2, it's like how about you just bring them here and let me give them their gift? Know what I mean?? Doesn't help that I'm not that fond of any of her in laws either.
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    Well Billie does it for what everyone else will give her kids. Mandy bought cheap streamers from the 1 dollar store and blow up balloons from there too. She made a cake herself and Cory did the boston butts on his grill. They had hot dogs for the little kids. It was mostly friends and family. Cory and Mandy got Kenzie some nice stuff. I got her that Violet puppy and a remote control which I am keeping at my house because she attacks mine when she is here...lol. She loved her puppy until she got home and there was so much stuff going on. She will love it again come bedtime. She is a stuffy baby. When the puppy said her name she just looked up at us in complete awe and hugged it so tight...lmao. The puppy said "I love you McKenzie. Will you give me a hug?" LOL.

    I have decided not to spend as much on xmas this year but I will still buy a lot of stuff. Just not as expensive stuff. I can get a boat load of toys for her and Mikey for much cheaper than I can the older two though I did find a few things yesterday that looked interesting. I found a calculator that does fractions that I might get Keyana in a year or two.
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    That puppy sounds mighty cute. Sounds like a toy cell phone easy child bought for Darrin when he was about 2 yrs old. It recorded messages so that he could hear your voice when it "rang" and he answered it. lol
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    sounds like a wonderful day for you and the family! I love hearing about how great Cory is doing.

  6. Fran

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    I love that Cory has grown into a good stable man. Congratulations.

    It's great to celebrate those birthdays with the kids. It's great shared memories among family which carry on to adulthood.
    I'm so impressed with Cory. It's great news and very hopeful for those with difficult teens.
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    I thought Cory was working for/with Tony? When did that change? Sounds positive...
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    Fran you always gave me the hope to let Cory be who he wanted to be instead of who I wanted him to be. He truly wants to follow his father. For some reason he has an intense case of hero worship for his father. I think its because his whole life he felt like his father didnt think he was good enough so now he wants to prove he can be as good as his dad. Tony wanted all the kids to be better than him and I believe that is why Tony is so upset that Cory is walking in his shadow. Its a catch 22. Tony is proud that people say wonderful things about Cory because Cory praises all he knows on learning all he knows on his father but Tony wishes we could have made a difference when he was younger so he was walking a different path now. We both know Cory was our smartest kid back when he was young and it is all wasted. Well maybe not, maybe Cory will be the one who goes out and owns his own company in the end. Stranger things have happened.
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    I'm so proud of Cory. He has come so far in such a short time. I'm so glad everyone had a wonderful, happy and healthy day! (What are Boston Butts?)
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    Boston Butts are a type of pork roast. Basically it is the really cheap one that comes fairly big but isnt smoked. It has a bone in it but sort of looks like a fresh ham. You can get them for about .99 cents a pound normally. Cory wraps them in foil with a bit of BBQ sauce in there and then puts them on this big charcoal grill he has and lets them cook on that for about 3 to 4 hours. After they are done, he puts clean foil down and takes them out of the foil they were in, removes the bones from inside the cooked meat, puts it back on the grill and lets it cook down so it isnt sopping wet. He also had hot dogs for the kids and smoked sausages for those who wanted them. Cory can really put on a spread. And there was no beer or alcohol at all. Just a nice party where everyone had fun without the need for enhancement.