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    Star* call 911........call 911


    I went to the doctors today following some scary chest pains yesterday. The good news is I did not have a heart attack. Okay I could have told my doctor that - but she wanted to be sure. I switched from a male doctor who paid no attention to my concerns and found a nurse practitioner who actually READ my list of symptoms - long as it was - she read and did testing that NONE have done before.

    That's why I have nothing left to give....they took 8 tubes of blood from me today and I'm spent. Even more so than usual. lol

    She said "Yes, you DO have something going on." lets do some tests and get to the bottom of this.

    She said "Yes, you DO have depression." let's put you on Welbutrin 1st thing in the AM to energize you and help with this situational depression.

    She looked at my 12" ankle compared to my 8" ankle and said "Yes, we need to get that swelling down and managable." and put me on Aldactone

    She listened to me intently about my headaches and put me on anti-seizure medications for migraines so that I stop having 9-15 a month and can manage 4-5. So I got Topomax

    She said my ears are still congested -"You have allergies how is the Claritin D working?" I said good. She said good.

    I told her I had NO intention of cyber diagnosing myself - but I'm tired of people saying "Youre fat, just diet and exercise." DF is not on board with throwing out all carp snacks - and eating better. WE've been doing this for 2.5 months - and despite my total lack of energy and serious depression, crying jags, she was happy to hear I have a lifestyle change that lasted more than 2 years - eating wise and wants to also know why the weight isnt coming off. I have hope.....

    She did thyroid panels, hormone panels, iron levels, cortisol levels, ana - which I am SURE the last doctor ordered to rule out lupus - but the test, and the paperwork are not and never have been in my file...this means the doctor I stopped seeing wrote it in my folder and when I came back 2 weeks later he lied to me - he said ANA looks normal. OMG I told the NP this and she said - I see where he wrote down an order....but there has never been any test results returned. I said - Yes there were - the doctor told me I was fine. She said HOW could he tell you that you were fine if there is no test results in the folder? They didn't fall out. So - he lied. And all this time I've been just sure that I didn't have lupus or cushings which is something I have a lot of symptoms for. I told her he told me I do not have Rheumatoid - she said - There is no test in here for that either. OMG......she showed me my folder and said in the last 2 years the ONLY test results that have come back are for CBC. That's it.

    I am livid. But I'm too tired and worn out to do anything and my dr. office does not give the sheet at the end of the appointment to you - they will mail it upon written request....So I can't prove that he didn't do it - but I told her for 2 years now I've tried to figure out what is wrong, ask a boatload of questions....because he TOLD me it was NOT what I was/was not tested for. UGH.

    I'm glad I have your support here - because without it and your suggestions I would have kept the same jerky doctor - who casually walked down the hall to announce to the girl "there is a non responsive patient in exam 5". Nice......

    SO with that and a fist full of prescriptions - I am on the path to something - and we'll address my PMDD in about a month...lol. SHe said four heavy duty medications right now was enough. I agree.....who knows maybe with Welbutrin I won't feel like killing anyone. Yet. :tongue:

    Thanks all - and Janet - thanks for the reminder about the TOpomax - I forgot that it helps with weight loss and headaches...I was taking 500 mg. a day - now I start all over. And if anyone is on WElbutrin - either let me know or PM me with how you think it helpd.

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    Well, I'm glad that this NP is willing to get to the bottom of things. I can't believe what a jerk some docs can be! They seem to chalk it all up to women's hysteria. I hate docs like that!

    I hope she calls you in a few days and gives you an answer.....one that can be treated easily that is.
  3. mstang67chic

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    I see a NP also and short of a family practice doctor that I saw for years.....she's the best one I've had in ages. Some people are leery of NP's because they aren't full fledged docs but sometimes I think they are BETTER. They tend to schedule longer appointments (or at least mine does) and they actually LISTEN. Mine is awesome and I'm glad, glad, glad you found a good one too! Hope you're feeling better soon!!!
  4. standswithcourage

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    Good Star. I cant believe you had all those symptoms and no one did a nything about it. I am glad you went to whoever it was!
  5. Abbey

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    Wellbutrin is probably the only anti-depressant medication that I could tolerate. Honestly, I didn't feel any less depressed, but at least I wasn't vomiting all the time. It will kill your need to smoke, though. ;)

    It's frustrating not knowing what is going on and being shuffled from one doctor to another and it seems like you're starting all over again.

    I hope you get some relief.

    Here's your comic relief:
    A friend just called me and said that it's 'hotter than turtle snot today.' Turtle snot? Who the heck has ever felt turtle snot???

  6. DaisyFace

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    I am SO glad to hear that you found an attentive medical professional. (They are more and more rare these days, aren't they?) Hopefully, now they will gt to the bottom of your sufferings and you will feel better soon!

  7. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Just to let you know, I love Topamax!!!

    I use it for migraines and my BiPolar (BP).YEAH! It helps with my mood, anxiety.... it is like a wonder medication! For me at least.
    For me though with Topamax is that if I get on too high of a dose, it makes me wonky, it causes me to have blurred vision and messes up my mood.
    Just and FYI.

    I am way over the dopey part of it. I know some say it lasts for them but for me it went away after awhile, or so I think! ;)

    I know you have been on it before, I hope it helps this time.

    I am so happy for you! it is so nice to have someone in your corner.
  8. DammitJanet

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    Well Starbie barbie....

    You may be feeling peppier soon. I will have you know that one of my first mood combo's was Wellbutrin and Topamax! I did quite well on it for a few years too. Then I hit a bad patch when I got stuck on some steripred pack and it sent me into a tailspin and they had to put me on lamictal and they weaned me off the wellbutrin. Oddly enough, I never lost the urge to smoke with the wellbutrin...lol. But eating on the combo of wellbutrin and topamax was something else. It is great diet aid...lol.

    You were on 500 mgs of topamax before? Why? Headaches? That is a boatload for migraines. I am on 600 now but have been up to 1000 at one point and I think I am probably gonna go back up in the near future.

    Make darned good and sure you start very slowly with the topamax. Just because you have taken it before doesnt mean you can jump on in there. Start at 25mg and work up every two weeks. I know Im not your doctor but listen to me! I know a ton about this medication and I have avoided more of the side effects that send folks running to the hills. If you go up slowly you will know when you hit your target dose AND you wont get nasty side effects! Please trust me here. I have been on this medication since 01.
  9. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Ditto what Janet said! I was on 25mg for what seemed like forever....
    I think I have been on it since 04'! I did the Topamax/ Zoloft combo... but that petered out and I went to Lamictal also!!!
  10. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Good for you Starbie. :D

    K says topomax really helps with her migraines.

    Wish I could say I was horribly shocked about doctor fibbing over test results. But I'm not. I dumped at least 2 for the same thing. I also drop any doctor who isn't willing to let me see my medical file upon request. I know what should and shouldn't be there ect, and I know what most of the stuff means. And most importantly, I know my rights as a patient.

    Sounds like you found a gem of a NP. :) Hold on to her. Appreciate her. The good ones are overworked and underpaid and still take great pains to listen to their patients and try to get to the bottom of what's going on.

    Welbutrin........um, both Nichole and I react badly with it. She sits in the middle of the floor and screams. I become homicidal......swear to God above. That medication just does not like us. lol

    Hope it helps you though. As well as the other medications. Sounds like NP has the matter well in hand and that they're good hands indeed. :)

  11. donna723

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    Star, I'm glad you finally found someone you really like that listens to you! I may give that a try! If and when I ever need a doctor, there is not even ONE in our little town that I would trust - they're all idiots! But there is one NP that I met when she treated my son once and I really liked her. If I have to go to someone, I think I'll go to her.

    And why is it that so many male doctors have that patronizing attitude about their female patients - they don't listen and they don't take what you tell them seriously and they write most of it off as 'hormones' or 'it's all in her head! Or, "she's too emotional"! That just hoovers big time!

    And my next question is ... did that first doctor BILL you for those tests that he either didn't do or didn't bother to get the results back from??? Hmmmm???
  12. flutterby

    flutterby Fly away!

    Everyone reacts different, but welbutrin made me want to come out of my skin. I felt like climbing the walls. And it made a friend of mine a total B. We can tell when she's taking it.

    But, I know of others who wouldn't live without it.

    I'm glad you found someone that listens.
  13. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I tried wellbutrin about 2 years ago to attempt to quit smoking. I hated it! I didnt expect that to happen because I hand no problem the last time I was on it. Only thing I can figure out is that it doesnt go well with lamictal.
  14. Wiped Out

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    I'm so glad you found a doctor who listens-they are worth their weight in gold! I hope they can finally figure out what is going on. Hugs.
  15. smallworld

    smallworld Moderator

    My son has been on Wellbutrin XL since Thanksgiving. It's the first AD he's ever been able to tolerate, and it brightened his mood considerably. It also suppresses appetite.

    Hope you feel better soon.
  16. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    I didn't read all the responses, but I am SO HAPPY that this NP took things seriously and spent enough time with you to really SEE the situation. I think you should give the old doctor a rubber ducky because he is such a QUACK!

    Telling you there were results when there were none in the file should be criminal. You have spent years in pain and misery because this guy couldn't be bothered. (It is one of the reasons my primary care doctor is a woman! I see other docs who are guys, but she keeps tabs on everything and lets nothing slip through.)

    I hope they figure out what is going on and find a quick and affordable way to treat it. Remember the doctor can help you get the medications at little or no cost if needed.

    Topomax did wonders for me the first time I was on it. Helped with the headaches, depression, and weight problems. I had to go off of it because problems with not being able to say the word I was thinking of and also was very foggy-brained while on it.

    I was on welbutrin for a short while. It was combined with another medication and together they were a problem. So I stuck with the other medication and changed out the welbutrin. My aunt stopped smoking for almost six months while on welbutrin - it was harder than on chantix but it lasted longer.

    I took aldactone for a while (geez, what haven't they tried with me?) and it was great. It is potassium sparing so you don't have to worry about that as much. But I would still try to up the banana intake for a while. That is what the nutritionist had me do while I was on it. The aldactone should help some with the weight also.

    I am sending you a whole big basket of hugs to help you get through this. They will ease side effects and make you feel all warm and fuzzy any time you need one! (I will send the NP some too!)
  17. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    Devil's advocate here - he may have run the tests and got the results read to him over the phone, told you the results were OK - but been so slack on his paperwork that he never put them IN the file to begin with.

    We had a doctor who was like that. He was a really good diagnostician and a nice bloke, but really bad at his paperwork. I had a few allergic reactions to things he put me on; I rang the surgery to say, "I just developed a rash to this, can you make sure it goes in my file?" and the guy never put it in. A year or so later when he sold the practice to another doctor (who turned out to be an old friend of mine) we discovered that no notes had been made about my allergies. And because I had trusted the doctor to write it down, I hadn't made my own notes and so I had to take the antibiotics again, knowing I was going to get a rash with one and throw up with another.

    After that, I began taking my own notes and asking for photocopies of test results. I would then load the test results into my computer.

  18. ML

    ML Guest

    I am just relieved you found someone who listens to you! Someone who will work with you to get you feeling better. Love you and sharing in your good news! ML
  19. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    The doctor that I had five years ago told me I had a list of things so long I was literally planning my funeral. (okay I was planning on going to the cadaver school or body farm to keep expenses down) but....he had me taking 22 medications a day.

    I stopped seeing him when I lost my job/insurance and couldn't afford the COBRA and went on Medicaid. He was recommended to me by a girl in our office who lived in a rich end of town. When I came in with Medicaid the nurse took the card, slid the window closed then called me to the side and said "We're not taking any um...new patients." despite my embarrassment and anger - I left and went off Paxil XR cold turkey - ended up in the ER, then in the hospital overnight. Don't EVER go off Paxil cold turkey. Ever.

    Then I got a new job - found this doctor - and he was a delight. He seemed to care, he sang songs, and openly gay. I liked him. He really seemed to want to go through my list of symptoms. I had top notch insurance. Believe me - the premiums were $480 a month. So I felt confident when he had all these tests run and called me back in for results. They have an in house lab for most tests and I too thought about the fact that the results could have been called in Marg - I asked - nope. No results at all were written down. He flat out lied. He told me things that were not written in my file. I'm depressed not stupid. I remember telling my Mom the ANA test said No Lupus because her sister died from Lupus many years ago. Even though I'm adopted it still stuck in my head that my Aunt died from it. Medicine has come a long way - but still this guy lied.

    I'm proud to report this morning that I DO feel a little bit more energetic. And the NP started me off on 50 mg. of Topomax a day. I checked my records and I was on 2000 mg. a day before under the watchful eye of a neurologist. I get migraines and debilitating headaches. Not clusters - just ones that render me nearly immobile and unable to speak. So 50 mg. is doable to start. I had no idea it was a mood elevator. (Bonus)

    I have a banana for breakfast every morning because I detest potassium pills. She said with the aldactone I will be getting blood draws to check for something in my kidneys??? Um...okay whatever. I think my adrenal glands are part of the problem anyway - so that could work to my benefit.

    Funny thing - she asked me yesterday if I have any girlfriends I can talk to. I laughed and said - hundreds. And she looked up at me and said REALLY - and I said - Best friends I've ever had are in a support group of parents who also have kids like mine. She smiled and said I was lucky -

    I said - I know. - Thanks.

    Now if Dude would just.....ah heck.....fughaddaboudit. lol

  20. AnnieO

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    Just be careful with the wellbutrin... I think flutterby knows me, 'cause I could be that friend. I don't even like myself while on it. However, it worked for difficult child 1 - for a while.