I have to pat myself on the back!

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    As you may or may not remember, difficult child 3 was in general education for kindergarten and the very beginning of 1st grade. Before she even started kindergarten, they insisted that I have her tested because of what they went through with difficult child 1. Although I knew it was against the law I did so and the assessment team was furious that we wasted their time.

    They tortured this kid throughout kg. Over that summer, I took all 3 kids for neuropsyches. difficult child 3 was found to have anxiety attacks and had what looked like PTSD. I went to the school and had a meeting to explain what had been discovered, enrolled her in therapy, and gave them ways to deal with difficult child 3's fears and anxiety.

    They called me every day by 11:00. They insisted on a 1:1 para (the neuro recommended that we NOT do that) or they would suspend (tantrums), got the para, suspension, suspension, suspension.

    From April of Kg. to Nov. of 1st grade they attempted through the system to suspend this kid 11 times. When I talked to them 2 days before the IEP, I told them that the recommendation was unacceptible and that I'd secure her a seat where I wanted her to go. In the meantime, SUSPENSION! Now the one in October had been sustained (long story) and extended from a 5 day to a 10 day.

    Everyone told me to forget about the upheld suspension. It ate away at me because I knew I'd eventually get her back into Gen Ed and if she had the slightest issue, it would reinforce any efforts to suspend her again.

    Well, I wrote a letter of appeal in Nov. stating EVERYTHING that had gone on.

    I got the response today: I WON! I WON! I WON! Due to the aggregious behavior, everything will be expunged from her records IMMEDIATELY!!!!

    I WON! I WON! I WON!!!!

    moooohahaha! Let me at 'em! I guess it would be in bad taste to make 100 copies and hand them out at the local school on the first day? Rent a skywriter? Borrow the Goodyear blimp and fly it over the school with the lights blinking, dropping flyers as we passed?

    Grow up Beth! But sometimes it just feels so good to: WIN WIN WIN!!!;)
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    I'm glad that you won, but I'm confused by the story. Does this mean she will be back in Gen Ed? Does this mean they can't suspend her for these stupid things anymore? Or does it just mean it's coming off her record?

    Is she still in the same school? I've never understood suspending kids that young for the things they suspend for now. Never happened when I was in school.
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    Right on!! What incredible news. You are a true warrior mom. Congratulations.
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    WARRIOR MOM!!!!!

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    I am so, so happy for you!

    Are you kidding? I am all about winning!!!:smug:
    And your kiddos are lucky to have such a passionate, devoted mom who is their advocate.

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    Dat dah dah dahhhhhhhhhhhhh WARRIOR MOM and little niece. Hello baby - how is my niece today? Diddums - coochi coochi......so pretty! And already a warrior!

    BRAVO Super Squirrel -
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    That is wondermous. I can't believe how great that is. I would be dancing for joy too.

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    How awesome! Congratulations on your hard work!!
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    Super Squirrel Triumphs Again!!!!

    You are an awesome warrior mom!! I am so proud of you. And your school administrators and teachers should be ashamed and embarrassed.

    In a week or two you need to follow up. Go into the school and ask to see her file. go through every page. Take the paperwork you have about the records being expunged. Chances are the school will not have taken care of it. So you will need to call whomever made the ruling and tell them the school has not followed through.

    Also check the IEP, make sure it is still the way you left it - nothing added or subtracted, nothing signed that shouldn't be.

    It is really tough to buck the school system. Partly because we were conditioned as kids to follow the rules. So I am extra super-duper proud of YOU!!

    Hugs to you!