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    Please, anyone who can offer help, review my post on Special Education forum. My nerves are shot. difficult child and I both are home today with flu- except I did "role out" to go to new therapist. What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance-
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    I'm sure Marty and Sheila will help you in Special Education as soon as they can. I read your email and I'm not sure where you came across as threatening. Instead, it sounded like you were trying to find some ideas that could help the teachers work with your son. Sounds like the principal is a tad defensive in all of this, unless you have verbally made statements that could be construed as threats? I know we all say many things out of frustration that can come out all wrong and be misinterpreted. Even if you did, her email is way out of line and should have some interesting repercussions given the reasonable tone of yours.

    Sorry I can't help, but thought maybe my view might make you feel a tad better.

    Good luck and go get 'em!
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    Thanks MB- actually I used the harshest tone that I ever have with them in my email. I have never threatened them in any way- unless you count the fact that last year I did see a sepc ed attny and let them know that I did- this was after they put him on a long term suspension (after I refused to signed a contract saying if difficult child did anything else wrong he would be put out of school- this was their idea of a BIP)- and then they said he was being placed on homebound- and homebound teacher never made it to our house- so my difficult child never got any education the entire last quarter of 6th grade. When I sent a certified letter asking what they intended to do to make up for that- summer school, etc- they said they would pass him on to 7th grade, which they did. Now he's failing and when I expressed concern over this, principal said she would pass him on to 8th grade anyway. I met with her privately to discuss jhis latest evaluation and what accommodations might be available to actually help him learn, instead of passing him anyway and what we might do in case he becomes somewhat manic again this winter/early spring. I got this same defensive attitude from her then too- and she should said they would write him up for anything he did wrong and if I was worried over him being manic and kept him out of school because of it, I better have his psychiatrist tell them that he was 100% full blown mainc or it would not be excused.
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    Hi! I answered on the Special Education forum!

    Hope the flu flies quickly!