I hope the people who don't believe in childhood mental illness read this...

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    The article talks about the increase in psychiatric hospitalizations for children. They say it's got nothing to do with the supposed overdianosis of pediatric bipolar because hospitalizations are based on real behaviors, not labels. In my mind, it just reinforces the fact that mental illness in children is real, and I get so frustrated when I come across people who are convinced otherwise.
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    Genetics. Yeah, DUH! But why the increase? Because ppl with mental illnesses are 'allowed' to breed. Yes, myself included. Mix my MANAGEABLE genetic problems with husband's MANAGEABLE genetic problems, and we end up with potentially UN-manageable problems. So, now if my offspring with UN-manageable problems breed, then there's a better than average chance they will have offspring with UN-manageable problems, and it goes on and on and multiplies exponentially. Because, of course, ppl with UN-manageable problems are most at risk of NOT planning their reproduction.

    There are NO viable solutions, save for making certain practices more acceptable. I'm not talking just the big *A* but PREVENTION as well.
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    I'm sure part of the rate hike is also that years ago kids who behaved in some of these manners were simply taken out back to the woodshed and dealt with that way, and also that many similar illnesses were hidden or at least kept behind closed doors, i.e. "Crazy cousin Mildred stays inside, she's not allowed out so they home school her." And the increase of available facilities to handle such emergencies.
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    I hear you gvcmom! The ignorant comments below the article made me crazy. I had to post. The increase? Its multifacetted, which is why the supposed increase in outpatient services hasn't helped. By the way, where are those increases? Because here it's still 3 plus months to get into a child psch, many talk therapists don't have but one or two methods under their belts (just try to find DBT or EMDR services), and the crisis line in town here actually told us that they couldn't help when our daughter was suicidal-take her to the emergency room to be assessed for a psch admmision. The cops crisis team(for mentally ill people) tells you that you are wasting their services etc. etc. Grrrrrrrr!
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    The fact that every therapist, psychiatrist, school psychologist and pediatrician blanket labels almost every kid that doesn't show physical symptomology has "adhd and ODD" and almost misses ALL sensory issues doesn't help either. Truth be told most kids don't seem to have a workable diagnosis until at least 7 years of age. The parents are called bad parents, over-indulgent, the kids are called spoiled brats and are bounced from school to school to school and are labeled as emotionally disturbed.

    Valuable time, during the developmental years are being lost - when something could have been addressed at a much younger age.

    It's the fox running the henhouse - the vast majority of mental health professionals in my neck of the woods have become complacent - quite often the school personel that work with a lot of the kids are just as abusive as the children.

    It's a nightmare...it truly is.

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    Hah I like how the writer says "He believes the rate hikes are real and alarming and says now is the time to study the underlying reasons." When they should have been studying the underlying reasons to begin with Maybe if accsess to psychs and out patient services were more available it would be less likely to have to go to a hospital. i know here in central ca. we have one Yes One outpatient clinic that sees children with state insurance maybe if they would stop cutting back on the necessary things in our communities it wouldn't be so bad.