I hope we're ready for this!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by cmfout, Jun 24, 2011.

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    My oldest son stopped by on his way home from work tonight. He NEVER stops on his way home so I knew right away something was up. He stopped to let me know that he's asked his girlfriend of almost 6 years to marry him, finally. I'm super happy about that - he's 25 and they've been friends since middle school, a couple since graduation. This was actually pretty sudden - they've mentioned they want to get married in the future. The restaurant he works at is paying for him to go to culinary school to become a chef, and he and Kenzie always said they wanted to wait until he's done with his schooling.
    So I asked him why now instead of later. His answer? Because he's going to be a daddy! They just confirmed it today. My little boy is all grown up and taking real control of his life. They're both happy, and of course I'm very happy for them - I just really hope it doesn't end up being more than they're ready for. I'm really not sure I'm ready to be a Grandma!
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    Oh sure you are! Not much choce now...lol.

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    Welcome to the grandma club!

    So there was a slight hitch in the plans. Son and girlfriend stepped up to the plate and decided to speed things up a tad. Not a bad thing in my opinion.
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    After the shock has passed I hope this is going to be a wonderful new chapter for your family. DDD
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    CONGRAMMALATIONS!!!!!!!!!! Originally I saw a little boy? But I think .......girl......That's always a little scary for my thoughts - when that happens? It's usually twins.....but I get a strong girl sense.

    I'm going with GIRL - FINAL ANSWER!
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    Chances are that once the shock wears off you will find the Gramma Club is the best one you ever had a chance to join - it sure looks like fun from here!!!!

    husband and I had plans to marry a few years off and changed them when we found out Wiz was coming - BEST plan change I ever ever had!!!! So I am SURE that this will be great for them, esp as they know each other so well!
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    Congrats to you and the happy couple!
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    Congratulations! Will you be called Grandmother, Nana, Memaw, Noni, Granny, Gramma, Mimi, which one? I'm so excited for your family!
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    Thanks everyone. The longer I have to think about it, the more excited I'm getting. I absolutely KNOW Robert and Kenzie will make great parents. They're both mature and responsible. They both work hard to get what they want, and family is everything to them. They had the entire family together - both ours and Kenzie's - to share the news today. My parents were instantly excited. They're be great grandparents for the first time, and by the grandson that they helped to raise.
    Our family is pretty strong on Nana for our little ones - all of my kids call their grandmother that. I think it's my favorite of the "gramma" names but of course it will be up to Mama and Papa.
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    That is exciting! Congrats, grandma....don't you just love the sound of that?
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    Well if there is already a Nana in the family, maybe that will get confusing. We kinda made that mistake with getting Keyana to call Tony Papa because my kids called my Dad Papa so then we had two Papa's in the family. We had to eventually get her to call him Great Papa. But it was really confusing because my boys always referred to my Dad as Papa around her and she got really confused. Though she in her great wisdom named him herself as Grandfather and now its Grandfather in heaven.

    So maybe since I think you guys are much younger than my family is, you might want to avoid the problems we had and pick different names...is what I am saying...lol. Keyana calls me grandma and Lindsay's mom grandma Linda. Now I am pretty sure when she is there its just the opposite. When she was tiny she called Linda momma, me Grandma and Lindsay..Lindsay. Then we got that straightened out.

    With Hailie I am Grandma, her other grandmother was Nana and Hailies grandmother was Nana to Keyana too but she died when Hailie was just 18 months old.