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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by carolanne, Apr 29, 2007.

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    On friday I had a call from the school. At first I thought it was to try and talk me into letting easy child#1 go on the trip at the end of the year but nope that wasn't it. In fact, they were calling to let me know I was getting all $300 back :thumbsup:

    Seems that easy child was working on her teacher, sob stories every day about being mistreated at home and all that. But the school had been warned about why I'd taken away the trip and agreed as her attitude carried over at school and she was being nasty to the teachers and support staff.

    This is the part that hit me this just got me...I picked up the money and went right out and bought myself a walking treadmill :smile:

    Can't understand what got over me, never have I done something like that in the past. I was walking when easy child came in from school and very snottily said..."oh so that's why I don't get to go right?"

    Nope I said cause you ticked off me and the school....live with it and I kept walking....I think I heard her jaw hit the floor when she left the room :rofl:

    no word from difficult child but the officer calls once a week with an update....still alive and kicking but really testing the home's rules such as they are....he is such a nice man..
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    Good for you to do someting healthy for yourself. -RM
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    Good job!


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    Now that's what I call doing something for yourself. Good for you!!
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    I'm glad you did something for you. That's always fun, not often we get to do that. It's really neat that the school refunded the money, I think that's the first time I've ever heard of them doing that. Glad it worked out in your favor!
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    :smile: :bravo:

    Way to go! :warrior: