I just got stopped by the police..



for walking the dogs!! As most of you know I work Midnight to noon. Today, easy child took difficult child to baseball game, so nobody was home. I ran a few errands, few calls and went to bed. Slept until midnight. So, I get up and take the dogs for a walk. The park is a block away and usually let Chloe off the leash, she never wanders far from me. Tonight I did the same, only I let puppy off leash too. bad, bad. Puppy ran right through the park and around the houses. She came back but ran right by me down the street. I got her and leashed her up again and continued walking on the sidewalk along the park. I saw a police car drive by on the other side of the park. When it turned away I put Chloe back on the leash and kept walking. When I was on my way back home I got to the end of the park and THREE squad cars pulled up. :surprise: One from both directions and one from the street I live on. (didn't see how he got back there, only one block street) They said, "little late to be walking the dogs". I told them I work 3rd shift so it was normal for me to be awake. They reminded me I cannot be IN the park after dusk. I told them I was not IN the park. :hammer: They told me to have a safe walk and left. I wonder if someone called the police when puppy was running loose. We did not make any noise. I didn't yell for her. Don't know.

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Probably not. Most people wouldn't have noticed her unless she was barking.

in my opinion the police were probably just looking out for you. Parks are usually closed at dusk due to drugs/alcohol/ and violence (rape ect) that goes on at night. Since there was 3 cars maybe they were actually looking for someone.


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my son is a cop. yesterday I bought him a shirt at Kohl's that has a lil stick guy on it and a kids drawing of ablack and white cop car. the caption:
it is all fun and games til the cops come.

he loved it.

glad you didnt get "pinched"


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If you have a flat tire around here, your car will be surrounded
by police cars because they are bored! In truth I think there should be a rule prohibiting the clustering of policeman because
it is my very sincere belief that "clustering" results in macho
and inappropriate choices..particularly after dark and with teens
or minorities. Yep, I REALLY do believe that. DDD

PS: If you think about it, all of us behave differently in a group than we do when we are alone anyway. Some become louder.
Some become quieter. Yep.


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Awww now DDD, that is not always the case. I know you have had bad experiences with cops but not all of them are bad. Cops have to go out in clusters now because they are in danger these days themselves. Just recently in SC we had two killed - a trooper and a deputy - when they tried to stop a car on the side of the road all by themselves.

It scares me to death.


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Did anyone see the video clip on utube with the cop who "choked" the skateboarder just because they were skating and it was against city ordinance? Its awful to watch! He even put a girl in a choke hold...it was rediculous. I agree that some cops can get that "macho" attitude with teens or minorities.