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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by flutterby, Aug 25, 2009.

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    I was talking with my online friend about difficult child starting school today. He has suspected DID, severe anxiety and definite dissociative disorder, some form of PTSD - Complex. Anyway...

    I was telling him how I was talking with difficult child last night because she was so anxious. And I told him that she's already fretting about tomorrow because since tomorrow is a full day, it will be different and she doesn't know what to expect.

    And I told him that I was sending her shopping tonight with easy child and his girlfriend for the rest of her school supplies (the supplies that you don't know you need until the first day of school when each teacher gives you his/her list) because she is more calm with them and they are being very supportive and helping her understand how it is with school without lecturing. They're "kids", too. And I told him that in the morning I'm going to be "too tired" to take difficult child to school so that easy child or his girlfriend takes her because she perseverates too much with me.

    My friend said: You are this mixture of deviousness and motherly love.


    But, it felt so good to hear that. With what's been going on lately with difficult child and how she thinks I am pretty much guilty of abuse, I really needed to hear that.

    I think any parent - especially that of a difficult child - has to have some deviousness in them.

    And in telling this story and telling my friend the things I said to difficult child - about anticipation being worse and about how it gets easier each time, even though it may only be a minuscule amount, it eventually becomes noticeable - I was able to help my friend do something he was putting off because of anxiety (which is why I was telling him the story to begin with ;) )

    I guess once a mom always a mom, eh?
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    I am glad your friend said that, he is right. We have to be tricky. I am so glad you got that validation.
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    I love that wording! He's a genius!

    You're so right...as parents of difficult child's, its not often we get good remarks about our "abilities"....(usually we're accused of a complete lack of...)

    Keep up the devilishly good work!
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    I love that quote! It is a great compliment!