I just heard from my friend

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by rejectedmom, Nov 20, 2007.

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    She had her brain surgery on Friday. They removed one tumor and she is doing well and is at home now. She will begin 15 sessions of radiation to shrink the second tumor and then it will be removed by the virtual knife. After that they will begin treating the lung cancer. She isn't sure what the time frame will be and has acknowledged that it is fatal. She has accepted is that we all are going to die but she says that she now has the advantage of knowing aproximately when. She decided that this Christmas is going to be very different from the one she had planned and that she will be doing alot more, and different things for her daughters and new grandchild than she had originally planned. Her attitude seems good and even though she cries when she talks to me she does seem to have found a certain level of peace. She says that right now she has people to visit her but that it will calm down next week and wants us to travel to see her then. She says that physically she feels amazingly good just tired. She sees much improvement in brain function since they removed the large tumor and is amazed at the difference. She didn't realize how confused she had become. She says she realizes that she still has much to endure but is determined to maintain a positive attitude.

    So thank you all for your prayers they are being answered.
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    I'm so glad you heard from her. She has a long road ahead. Your friendship will be a blessing in her life.

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    I happy you have such a friend in your life. I hope she can find peace and that you get to spend as much time with her as possible....
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    Ever prayerful for a complete turn around and recovery.

    If I'm going to pray I'm praying for her BIG !

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    May God's peace continue to sustain her and you.

    She sounds so courageous.