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    I didn't get the job. The clearance didn't go thru due to being behind on payments- they told me I needed to get a job somewhere else, get the finances straightened out, then I could reapply with the fed government. I could have caught the payments up if they would have paid relocation costs, but they wouldn't.
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    How are you feeling about this? I would like to think that THIS means....there is something even more fantastic and wonderful out there for you. Keep your chin up girl! I'm proud of you for trying.
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    Oh that just stinks! What an ***** backwards way of looking at things!

    I'm so sorry - I hope you find something else that fits perfectly. You just never know.
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    I'm so sorry...

    So you can't get a job because you don't have a job? Nice logic...

    Hopefully, something better will come along soon!

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    Sending heartfelt cyber hugs and support your way. Maybe with that opportunity behind you, you'll be able to find the "right job" statesside.
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    Thanks. I called the security person (I guess she's the super over the security officer I had been dealing with) because the message I got today said to call that lady with any questions. I asked if anything could be done since we'd both spent so much time on this and I had been told that they might have suggestions or requirements, which I was willing to do. The problem of course is that the creditors won't work out a payment plan without having a job. I can't get the job without a payment plan- so it's a catch 22. She said she would reconsider if I could get something worked out- but again, it's a catch 22. She told me she would go back and look at my chart again and see if there's any wiggle room within the regs for them to give me a certain period of time to get on a payment plan if they offered me the job- but she didn't think there was so not to expect to hear back from her. OK, that was my last ditch effort.

    One would think that since this place has been needing a new employee for months and apparently, they were not going thru this process with someone else besides me at the same time (for this position) that they would try to find a way. I told her that if they put something in writing saying the job was contigent upon making a payment plan, that the creditors would probably accept that, then I could send the payment plan to her. The problem with that though is that the security division isn't the place that offers the job- HR is. HR can't offer the job without security issuing the clearance- so again, a catch 22.
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    Gosh...you just have to love red tape. I so hope this comes through for you. The positive is that right now they are grasping at good people who can make up for the other 5 they just laid off. Sad to say, but true.

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    I'm so sorry. This has to be terribly frustrating and disappointing. It wouldn't hurt for you to contact your creditors and explain the situation. Maybe if you get something in writing from HR that hiring you is dependent upon a payment plan, your creditors will be willing to develop the plan.

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    That's what I asked her to do, Suz, but being in the security dept., all she can do is either approve or deny a clearance. I asked if she could talk to HR and if someone could put something in writing, with this as a contigency, so I could get the creditors to work something out. She seemed pretty cut and dry about it- either a person was late on bills (meaning no clearance), or they were on time (meaning clearance was approved).

    Well, if it was that cut and dry, they could have told me that 2 months ago- which is why it's a little hard for me to accept. The security officer I had worked with said to submit a payment plan with my last paperwork. I submitted a tentative plan and wrote that I had spoken to creditors but they would not work something out with me until I had a job in hand. And, I asked him to let me know as soon as he could if the financial situation eliminated me from being eligible- that was all done at least a month ago. I don't understand why someone couldn't just have called and told me something. And what is worse to me about this- on this place's website it talks about receiving stimulus funds due to the economy. OK, I know that means they can do things and doesn't require them to hire "less than desirables", but the credit report I sent them clearly shows that I had excellent credit (NO late payments) until a few months ago and they know (and can verify) that I've ben unemployed this whole year but have never had a situation of long unemployment before this- in my entire life and I'm almost 50 yo. I reminded this lady on the phone today that the security officer had told me that they might tell me what they wanted me to do to address the financial situation and I had told him (and I reiterated to her) that I would be happy to do that. It's their policy to tell a person why their clearance didn't go thru and this is the only thing ever mentioned and she told me if I got it straightened out she would reconsider or I could reapply for another fed position down the road, so I believe she's telling the truth- that this was the only issue that blew me out of eligibility.

    You could tell by the questions on the form that is was worse to them if the debt was federally backed or if a person was late on paying taxes. I had no issue in those areas. This just stinks to me because it is happening when all I hear on TV is how the fed government is trying to help people stay afloat and get a job if they are unemployed. And it especially hoovers for someone who's a vet with an honorable discharge who had a clearance before.

    She probably had about an hour between my phone call and going to lunch and I didn't hear back from her so I doubt I will. I was trying to be assertive about working something out but maybe I pushed it too far and she just said that to get rid of me.

    It's ok. I just dread telling difficult child- he will be so disappointed. And, I am worried about what to do now- there is nothing I can get in this region it seems. If I can find something it will be less risky than this move to HI would have been- both financially and in regards to keeping custody of difficult child, so that would be a big load off my mind. Plus- although my mom is a nut and a big thorn in my side, I did worry that difficult child and I might never see her again if we made this move. And, I feel humiliated about this- it's a hard blow for it to go on this long just to be rejected without any effort on their part to make it work. If this waas that imporatant, I would have thought the ad for the job would have said something like "must be up to date on all financial obligations" or something like that.

    Thanks to you ladies for the support. It could have ended up worse- I did worry that the PO could have put my back against the wall by not committing to let difficult child come to HI and at the same time use it against me if I'd gotten a job offer but turned it down.
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    So sorry-this stinks. I have to believe though that there is something better out there for you. Many hugs.
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    k, I know this has taken up so much of your time and so much of your mind. I prefer to think like Star - that something else is out there that was meant to be. How much longer are you going to be able to stay in the house?

    Hugs to you, and positive thoughts as well.

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    difficult child just called and I told him. :( I explained that I could make a payment on the bills that are owed, but if I did I wouldn't be able to afford to come back and get him so that would mean that I would have to know for sure that he could go with me to HI when I go. But even that is assuming that making a payment on these bills would result in HI security changing their mind, which she insinuated but would not guarantee. And of course, the PO won't guarantee antyiing, so it just seems like too much of a stretch. I talked to him about the disadvantages of going- being able to travel to different places around here that we would not be able to afford to do if in HI, and going years without seeing his grandmother.

    He still wants me to try- I never knew he was an undying optimist. LOL! He says he's going to try to get a hold of his PO. I told him not to call and fuss at him- that the people in HI might not change their minds even if I made a payment to the creditors. He said he wouldn't go off at him, but he was going to talk to him.

    Personally, I doubt I could get enough done to make HI change their mind and I seriously doubt I could get enough of a commitment from PO and Department of Juvenile Justice to make me feel comfortable about it at this point.
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    klmno don't you dare feel humilliated by this! Do you HEAR me?? Do not do that to yourself! Unemployment got you into a hole, you didn't go out and make that hole. And you've been working your tail off trying to find employment. No one can expect more.

    I'm so sorry you've gotten caught up in the catch 22 with the security ppl. Hopefully something will come along and let you get it worked out. If not, then as disappointed as I know you are, it just wasn't meant to be and something else much better suited for you is waiting for you to find it.

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    I'm sorry, you so jumped through hoops for this. Holding out hope something may turn around for you.
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    I am so sorry. I feel tired for you. Just the mental anguish over all of it has to be hard.

    My husband's step sister worked for the FBI for 15 years, well they are not supposed to have any credit card debt over $5000.00 but no-one has ever really followed this rule.
    2 years ago she got married and they bought a house... they put some stuff on the credit cards. She now has about 10 grand on her cards, but she was up front about it. She told her boss. No big deal.
    Beginning of this year with the economy etc... fired her no warning nothing and were able to $(#*$# her out of her pension because she broke her contract!!!!

    15 years with the FBI and she has never had one thing wrong! They were looking for people to fire. Things everywhere are just so messed up.

    I really hope something comes through. For you and difficult child
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    Thank you so much, Ladies! Your support means the world to me and helps me get thru the roughest times. I'll regroup and do what I can to try to make things work out for my son and me. I know somewhere inside me that in the long run, this might be for the best. It's just hard when I can't see that long term answer right now.

    It's funny now that a few years a go I rec'd a letter in the mail asking me to call a certain fed organization- that I could get a bonus for joining them- IF I was willing to go to Iraq- which I was not so I never called. I might have to write a letter to our prseident- just to get some things off my chest. :)

    Then again, I probably won't because someone might take it like I was about to do something stupid and outrageous.
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    I wasn't kidding when I said I was proud of you. I know few women who in these ridiculous economic times would strike out on their own to make such a bold move as you. Picking up everything you know wherever you live to move to HI isn't just like moving from town a. to town b. or from state to state. I've moved 44 times in 11 years. I know a lot about moving. I know nothing about moving from mainland to island. I believe while it would be exciting, it would also be quite traumatic, exciting, and maybe while it sounded like a dream come true? I think back to when I have 'struggled' to meet the requirements for dream-jobs I wanted and almost had everything they wanted or had nearly everything they required, but was lacking one minor thing; however had tons of 'other' fantastic things that myself and my family sat around after the interview thinking they would be foolish not to hire ME over anyone else because we knew I was the perfect person for the job.

    Most jobs like this, will hire the person they feel "meets all their requirements" based on prior problems experienced, not prior employee performance. That to me screams internal problems with upper management, and thus would ultimately be a problem for the little person (you) somewhere on down the line to be recognized for quality work. I know it's bass-akwards logic, but it's real, true and I know what I'm talking about. This is where my trying to explain things gets fuzzy and people sit and go "What is she talking about?" so I hope I did a better job explaining it this time than just saying "Something better will come along." What they are saying is "We don't have time for you, your problems, we must be hyperfocused on job-performance, and not your personal life." Which is great for company productivity, but leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to loyalties as a human being who looks to be part of a company that is already telling you "Look we don't care about how you fix your problems - we don't care about your problems - we are telling you to come to us WITHOUT any problems." ----

    Then you have to consider if they aren't even willing to work with you on a payment plan, how in the world would they work with you for a day off to help difficult child? If he moved there with you, it would be just you and he correct? If (big IF) If he gets out of Department of Juvenile Justice, moved to HI, and was absolutely well behaved for the rest of your lives that would be phenominal. I would be happy for your both. In reality? There are bound to be bumps. What happens with an employer like this one with bumps? Not just bumps from difficult child because like I said - He could be downright wonderful, but life happens, things happen, cars, alarm clocks don't work, there are typhoons, have you even thought about volcanos? They happen. These people seem like they'd say "Volcano? Erupted? Well that's tough, get in your kevlar rowboat and find a way to work." Not flexible at all. Just something to consider.

    I'm just saying - When one door closes - another one opens....and it doesn't have to be in HI. If you need to move (and I think we all agree that you do need to move away from crazy PO) then do so. There are other jobs, other states - heck 51 others right? So what's stopping you? If you could throw your hat into the ring to move 1/2 way around the globe? Why not 1/2 way around the country? Down the road, two counties over?

    This is not the end of the job trail? (whip crack sound) ---steps up on soap box......WHY THIS IS THE BEGINNING FOR KLMNO......THIS IS THE START OF HER NEW JOB, NEW LIFE.....NEW CAMPAIGN....TO BOLDLY GO WHERE NO klmno HAS GONE BEFORE. TO SEEK OUT NEW WORLDS, NEW CIVILIZATIONS, and FIND A NEW JOB.....TO GET HER SON OUT OF Department of Juvenile Justice and LIVE A NEW LIFE......ELSEWHERE.....BEYOND THE GRASP OF THE EVIL SITH....PO..................WE SHALL, WE SHALL OVERCOME.....POWER TO THE PEOPLE....:proudamerican:...(ensue thunderous clapping) :bravo:

    NOW GET OUT THERE WOMAN :cutie_pie:AND START THROWING OUT YOUR RESUME because....:yourock:!!!

    (and then you say) I am klmno and .........."I


    mk.....? ! :D - You go girl.......(now.....go.....get that resume OUT THERE)
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    Have I lost something or I thought we only had 50 states?
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    Thanks, Star!! I'm hitting the job hunt agressively again today. Maybe there would be an advantage if I could get something around here for a few months- until difficult child is released and something is worked out with creditors. Then, I could either stay, move someplace else, or try again with the fed government. I have lived on an island before (for 2 years) so that part didn't bother me. The things your brought up pertaining to difficult child though were worries I had. Anyway, I need to keep my head going in another direction now.
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    Puerto Rico.....(it counts when you are seeking American Jobs right?) :tongue:

    (grumbles ..always some smarty pants in the crowd) :whiteflag:

    Love ya..