I just thought this was funny ...

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    ... a St. Patricks Day prank by some very skilled pranksters! This is an example of the "public art" that has sprung up in Nashville in the last few years. This one, "Musica", is on Music Row where all the recording studios are and the butt-nekkid dancing figures caused quite the stir when it was first put up, right in the middle of Downtown Nashville! Some were scandalized, some liked it, some thought it was ugly.

    So for St. Patricks Day, someone apparently came in the middle of the night and dressed them all in little skirts and tube tops! I think I like them better this way!
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    I like them better in the outfits too. lol

    Not a very attractive piece is it?
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    There's another "sculpture" near the riverfront that's even worse. It looks like a giant piece of railroad tracks that has been bent into a big spiral shape! ??????? And it's bright red! Not exactly my idea of 'art'.

    On the readers forum in the paper one person said that the figures don't really look like they're dancing. They look more like they're running away from something in a panic! I agree.