I kicked out my son

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by flutterby, May 31, 2010.

  1. flutterby

    flutterby Fly away!

    I've had it with the entitlement and the lack of respect. I'm tired of having the same argument over and over and over again. I've become very resentful. I'm too sick to put up with it.

    Tonight was the final straw. He thinks he's my equal and not my child. I really lost my temper, too.

    I told easy child they have to go. They are going to my mom's. I told them they could go tonight, but they are making no moves to leave. I want him out.
  2. tawnya

    tawnya New Member

    You know, this makes me more mad than anything. husband's older son thinks he knows more that his dad even if they were talking about gravel.

    Do what you have to do.

    I'm sorry.
  3. KTMom91

    KTMom91 Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry, Heather. Hope they leave without causing any more drama for you. Many hugs.
  4. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Sorry Heather.........but seriously, you don't need the attitude. And he needs to learn respect.

    Hope they move fast, you definitely need a break!.

  5. crazymama30

    crazymama30 Active Member

    I think you will be way less stressed once this is done. I hope it goes quickly and smoothly.
  6. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I'm sorry you are dealing with this-hoping they left and things are more peaceful. Hugs.
  7. LittleDudesMom

    LittleDudesMom Well-Known Member Staff Member


    I think you did the right thing. I know there were times when they helped you out, but I think this is really for the best. Less stress, less drama....

  8. AnnieO

    AnnieO Shooting from the Hip

    Heather, are they gone yet?

    FWIW - you did the right thing. They need to make it on their own.
  9. ML

    ML Guest

    I too think it's the right thing but also the hardest... at least for now.. . once they are gone you will wonder why you waited so long! Hugs xoox ML
  10. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Heather, this will sound idiotic coming from me but I think you are doing the right thing. When the little one starts getting too big for its britches in all animal groups except humans, they kick them out of the pack or nest. They have to start learning to make their own way in life. I think its time for your son to do the same. He thinks he is old enough to have a DF, work and boss you around. Its time for him to be on his own. Once he learns the lessons of adulthood, I think you will see a different young man.

  11. nvts

    nvts Active Member

    Now I know you think I'm nuts, but I've got to tell you - you've been a great mom to that boy forever. And you are doing what's not only right for you, but mostly for him!

    Once again, you've proven to the world that you're the Ultimate Mom!

  12. witzend

    witzend Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry, Heather. I know this is a miserable time.
  13. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    Best of luck. Keep us posted.
  14. flutterby

    flutterby Fly away!

    In keeping with the drama that is my life, they are staying. I don't think he believed me, and when he did, he really didn't like the idea of commuting 45 minutes for a minimum wage job. Even further for his DF's school.

    For now at least, we've made peace and seem to have an understanding. The last time it lasted a week. We'll see how long it lasts this time. But, like I said, he didn't believe me. Once he realized I was serious, he quickly changed his tune.

    I told him that I am too sick to live with this stress. Next time, he's out and that's that.

    I think I've said that before, but this time I really mean it. :tongue: No, really. I do. I can't - and I won't - keep doing this.

    I want off this merry go round. I probably shouldn't make decisions when I've been on narcotics for so long every 4-6 hours.
  15. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    I just realized, you had that absess. No wonder you lost it!
    Once you've healed, sit down and make a list of things your son needs to do and say (or not say) or he goes. That way, it will not be done in the heat of the moment.