I knew bio grandma would eventually hear about difficult child's diagnosis ...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TerryJ2, May 2, 2011.

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    So, last wk bio grandma called and husband just got around to telling me yesterday. (I forgot. :sigh:)
    She asked if difficult child was into WWII books. husband said no, not that much, but thank you for thinking of him.
    She asked about school, then asked if he was still on medication. husband didn't know what I had told her, but she reeled him in (my mother was an expert at that, too) and eventually he caved (the way the conversation went, he could have been talking about the bedwetting and dietary issues but wth) and used the word "Asperger's."
    She flipped and said, "There's no history of that in our family."
    She is the best example of it we've seen. Of course, we didn't know that when we met her. We attributed it to nerves and just ... being a self-righteous jerk.
    (Sorry, all you Aspies out there, you are not what I'm talking about because your awareness is higher and your being on this board is proof to say the least), but she's SO argumentative and so out of the loop when it comes to social skills ... she just sits and expects you to come to her, has no idea how to make conversation, and at one adoption mtng a few yrs ago, tracked in dog poop into the house of pres. of the company and thought nothing of it. There was a box of giveaway clothes and she shoved everyone out of the way and scooped up armfuls like a seasoned pro. I could go on ...)

    So, I fully expect her to call again. Soon. And argue with-everything we've ever done, every dr we've ever seen.
    She's researching up a storm in all of her Redbook and Reader's Digest magazines and asking around at church, because they're all smarter than our doctors.
    I can hardly wait.
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    There is one bright point there - RD had a great article on Aspergers a while back... I'll have to find out what month it was.
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    Too funny!
    I tried Googling it and only got Asperger's Digest. Oh well.
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    OK that's possibly the best Google fail I have ever heard...
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    :rofl:I don't know why, but that just struck me funny.
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    Oh, cute article, StepTo2! Very cute.

    Unfortunately, this grandma has no sense of humor. When difficult child was 2, my mom wanted to buy him a mini-vacuum cleaner, because he was obsessed with-vacuums. But it was too expensive. She joked that someone would see him vacuuming all day long and call Soc. Svc.
    When bio grandma called to ask what difficult child wanted for Christmas, I repeated the conversation. She said, "Soc Svs? What for? What are you making him do with-the vacuum cleaner?" I had to repeat, "It's a joke. A JOKE. You know, the kid will be vacuuming all day because he loves it so much and it will look like child labor. Ha ha."

    She said, "Oh."
    That's typical of her.